Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alabama, here I come!

Today I will be on the road, and Friday I'll be toiling to prepare the fireworks show for Saturday. (If you want to join the fun, here's a Google map.)

Thanks to everyone who has hit the tip jar the past few days -- hey, look at the gazongas on that redhead! -- and all who have celebrated the Ricci ruling. (Check out Michael Barone's column on that.)

In my absence, all blogwhores should e-mail Smitty. I'll try to get video of the Fourth of July show.

1 comment:

  1. Love to participate - but - your Google map says it will take me 32 hrs. The 3 "big" towns it takes me through are in order:
    1. Barstow - Out West we consider Barstow to be a backwater little town. Smaller than the cow town I live in.
    2. Memphis - I like Memphis I would need an extra day though to go visit SUN records again - if it still exists. I admit I'm old.
    3. Nashvill - bettrer yet. Need 2 days to check out Hanks ol stompin grounds maybe see Dolly. I'm also and 8th generation Californian hillbilly check out SUN records above. Nashvill my wife thinks would be a good place to live but she's only 2nd generation Cal as has no roots.

    Trip would be fun but I would get there a week after you all had left.
    If your ever in the West preferable SoCal I'll get there.
    Have fun and send up some Roman Candles for the old f*rt.

    an old exJarhead
    Cerritos, Cal