Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If Andrew Sullivan is not stupid . . .

. . . he must be trying to deceive people. No alternative explanation works, when he describes me thus:
Robert Stacy McCain, a supporter of the genocide of Palestinians in Israel, in a blog-post that has to be one of the most single-mindedly bigoted diatribes I have read. And I've read a few.
So says the Trig-Truther impressario of The Atlantic Monthly, in honoring me with yet another "Malkin Award" nomination, my fourth since February. Earlier today, I paused for a moment to pray and Andrew may therefore be an angel unaware. God bless you, sir, for providing me this opportunity to elaborate on important principles of rhetoric.

Right-click that "genocide" hotlink up there, and choose "open in new window" from the pulldown menu so that you may read Andrew's Feb. 20 post in a new browser window. (Alt+Tab to toggle between the two.) Andrew quoted this:
Swear to God, if [the Israelis] ever want a Gentile prime minister, my first order would be to deploy the IDF in a north-south line, facing east. My second order would be "forward march" and the order to halt would not be given until it was time for the troops to rinse their bayonets in the Jordan. After a brief rest halt, the order "about face" would be given, and the next halt would be at the Mediterranean coast.
To which Andrew replied, "Words fail." No, sir. Perhaps your understanding fails, but words do not.

"If" is the largest two-letter word in the English language, proposing a contingency or hypothetical. If Andrew Sullivan were hung like porn star . . .

The more farfetched the hypothetical, the more we should consider what follows "if" to be hyperbole, that is to say, an expression carried to an extreme. Argument by hypothesis always involve the risk that some dullard will fail to grasp the point being expressed and incorrectly suppose that one actually desires the scenario described.

Therefore, it becomes unfortunately necessary to reveal that my campaign to become the first Gentile prime minister of Israel was intended as a jest. Furthermore, my tactical plan for Palestinian "genocide" (actually, Andrew, it would be mere ethnic cleansing, since they'd have the opportunity to flee the advancing IDF bayonets) was a hyperbole, a sort of verbal clue that the reader had reached the punchline.

There is truth in humor, of course, and anyone who wishes to read the entirety of my Feb. 20 post may attempt to discern what truth I meant to express. The title and first paragraph:
Glenn Greenwald: 'No anti-Semite could
possibly hate me worse than I hate myself'

Well, that's the subconscious meaning of his latest column in his ongoing effort to win the Nobel Prize in literature with his wicked satire of a stereotypical self-hating Jew. . . .
Greenwald is one of these people who has never seen a fight between a Jew and an Arab for which he did not blame the Jew. My Feb. 20 post begins by discussing a category of critics of the U.S.-Israel alliance that includes some of my paleocon/libertarian friends, remarking that one cannot dismiss all such critics as anti-Semites: "The world is more complex than that."

Being notorious myself, I hesitate to attach the evil stigma of anti-Semitism, an implicit accusation of mala fides, on those who are attempting to offer serious comment on serious matters of policy. Whether it's James Pinkerton, Pat Buchanan or Taki Theodoracopulos, only conclusive evidence of irrational and irredeemable Jew-hatred will suffice.

Perhaps I am too tolerant in this regard, just as I am too patient in hoping that David Frum will reconsider his "Unpatriotic Americans" anathema against Robert Novak, et al. Similarly, I may perhaps be too hopeful that there is still within Andrew Sullivan's soul some shred of conscience that would cause him to retract the accusation that I am an advocate of "genocide."

This essay will be extended over the next several hours. I had other things I meant to do today, but it seems the angels meant otherwise. So if you'll do me a favor, refresh this post in a couple hours. Meanwhile, the waitress has arrived with your check. (Click the link, buddy. She's a hot redhead.)

UPDATE: My buddy tipped the waitress in a respectable manner, but a certain resident of Connecticut -- maybe Ed's got a thing for redheads -- doubled that tip. My gratitude to both these gentlemen, and to the several others who know how To Insure Prompt Service. Hope you're all enjoying this latest spectacle, which now continues . . .

Kathy Shaidle is the Only Canadian Who Matters, a woman of such excellent character that I am tempted to forgive the Northern Menace for foisting Neil Young upon us. Lead me not into temptation.

It was she, the diminuitive Canadian, who seized upon the "Ransom Note Method" as the key to understanding a certain species of ad hominem by which the Left cuts-and-pastes various remarks and assembles them into a dossier of distortion, like a kidnapper gluing together a ransom note.

The primary purpose of such an attack is to depict the target -- among others, Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin have both received this treatment -- as a person of such despicable sentiments, guilty of such vile hatreds, that no respectable person can view them as anything but a bogeyman, a demon, an agent of evil.

For decades, the "Ransom Note Method" has been employed against the Left's enemies, living and dead, and has repeatedly achieved not only its primary purpose, but also its secondary purpose: To intimidate and confuse the Right, to cause them to ostracize those conservatives who are most dangerous to the Left, and to discourage other conservatives from engaging in direct confrontation with the ideological foe.

Kathy don't scare easy. To quote our hero J. Coddington Van Voorhees VII ("Coddy," to his friends), I like the cut of her jib. And now that a few people have begun to discern the methods and objectives of the Ransom Not Method, the method's effectiveness has been permanently impaired. It will soon be destroyed entirely and the Left will be deprived of one of its most reliable weapons.

You assholes picked a fight with the wrong Canadian. Kathy was called a "racist" for her full-throated criticism of Canada's Orwellian political correctness, so that the book she co-authored cannot even be purchased via Amazon. But she has friends, among them Mark Steyn, and with friends like that, she can handle as many enemies as may come against her.

Welcome to the Camp of the Saints. Hit the tip jar, and come back in an hour or two, because I aim to make sure you get your money's worth, folks:
"My God, Scarlett O'Hara!" said Tony peevishly. "When I start out to cut somebody up, you don't think I'll be satisfied with scratching him with the blunt side of my knife, do you? No, by God, I cut him to ribbons."
-- Gone With The Wind
UPDATE 4:05 p.m.: James Joyner is an extraordinarily insightful writer, and when he calls me "perhaps the most skilled attention whore in all the blogosphere," my instinctive reaction is, "Perhaps?"

Dr. Joyner began blogging in January 2003, when the 'sphere was as tiny and helpless as little Trig Palin, and his excellent Outside the Beltway blog has grown along with it. The Good Doctor therefore may not appreciate the difficulties confronting a writer who got 6,000 visitors in March 2008 -- his first month of full-time blogging -- and who did not aim to fail at this new endeavor.

"Attention whore"? Heh. This implies that I would compose a quite risky 1,500-word analysis of anti-Palinism merely to gain attention. (Check the gazongas on that redhead!) Yet it is a fact, one which too many journalists fail to appreciate, that there is no point writing something if no one is reading it.

Dr. Joyner comes from an academic background where entire careers are devoted to that sort of writing. If my prose style is . . . engaging, this is surely no sin in the realm of commercial writing. But I did not come here to argue with my dear friend James, rather to eviscerate Andrew Sullivan. (Just a figure of speech, a metaphor, a bit of engaging imagery to whet the appetite of the reader who is encouraged to suspect that Sully's intestines will be displayed in the next update, in about an hour.)

UPDATE 4:52 p.m.: Before that interruption, I was discussing principles of rhetoric, namely, if you're going to attack a man, destroy him.

Don't shilly-shally around. Don't snipe or gossip or kibbitz or damn him with faint praise. Be a man about it, and take him head-on, determined that when you finish, there shall be nothing left of his reputation except a smoldering crater and the hushed awe of the spectators.

To do otherwise is to advertise yourself as a soft target. That this principle could be applied to Israeli's response to rocket attacks from Gaza might make Andrew Sullivan pause, if he were a thoughtful man. Or hung like a porn star.

Ken Layne's attack on Sarah Palin, involving her son Trig, was astonishingly sadistic. I saw it at Professor William Jacobson's blog -- the Professor quotes it in full, so that you don't have to click over to Wonkette to see it -- and immediately forgot whatever it was I had planned to do before I saw it.

What could motivate Layne's wanton viciousness? What did Sarah Palin ever do to him to deserve that? Rather, what could anyone ever do to provoke such cruelty? Nothing. Layne's attack was a raw specimen of undiluted evil.

It reminded me of similar specimens of evil, also involving the governor and her infant son. Motherhood is among the many institution our society once revered, but which are now widely mocked and derided. As I pondered what sort of response Layne might deserve, I thought about that: Why is it Sarah Palin's maternal qualities that Layne and others like him choose to attack?

A horror and hatred of . . . the "birth canal"?

UPDATE 5:44 p.m.: Hate to repeat myself, but . . . Heh. No point knocking yourself out, eliciting accusations of being a "single-minded bigot," if nobody's going to read it.

"Attention whore" or not, as I contemplated Layne's attack on Palin, the exposed flank was clear. Like others, he seemed offended by motherhood.
Q. What manner of person would do this?
A. A vicious cocksucker.
Now, I have occasionally remarked on the forms of misogyny characteristic of gay-male culture. Others have made similar observations. There is a type of woman that gay men typically venerate -- The Diva, e.g., Cher, Bette Midler, Liza, Madonna -- and there are types of women that gay men typically despise, perhaps none more than that unglamorous stereotype, the frumpy housewife. If you add the descriptor "Christian" to "housewife," it's like chumming the waters near the Great Barrier Reef.

Why is this so? In Principles of Logic thirty years ago, our professor warned against any statement containing "all" or "always," "none" or "never" (a danger that is best illustrated by Venn diagram). Nevertheless, one might describe the general attitude toward women in gay-male culture, without fear that this description could be fairly characterized as applicable to every gay man. Therefore . . .

Gay men have mother issues -- and all that proceeded from there. And having written that and put it on the Internet, now I see that Andrew Sullivan finds fit to accuse me of advocating Palestinian "genoicide." As Dana Carvey's Church Lady might say, "How convenient."
Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful . . .
This essay can be extended and, if you refresh this page in about an hour, I think it will be. Do you really think I'm merely an "attention whore"? Or do you suppose that there is some reason I wanted your attention? Let the wise consider, and please hit the tip jar.

UPDATE 6:42: Referencing my discussion of gay culture's influence in the fashion industry, a conservative blogger left a link to this:
Ladies, a question. Why did you allow gay men to become the arbiters of feminine beauty? Seriously, I want to know. Letting Penis Hilton judge a beauty pageant is like me asking Rosie O'Doughnuts for advice on how to be a real hunk . . .
Ladies, before I hear any more whining about society's horrendous standards of beauty, consider who sets them, and consider who lets the deciders decide. . . .
Indeed, the artificial standards of the fashion industry are . . . unmerciful, you might say. Look at the ads in Cosmo. How many hetero guys consider anorexic 6-foot-tall heroin addicts to be ideal? Show of hands. Anyone?

Perhaps no skill is more important to survival than the ability to distinguish between a friend and an enemy. An honest enemy is less to be feared than a false friend. Military aircraft carry a signal device known as IFF ("Identify Friend or Foe") the purpose of which is to prevent friendly-fire incidents, and to enable pilots to know that the enemy in their sights is indeed an enemy.

Women who turn to Cosmo seeking friendly advice are fools, as I explained years ago. And one of the basic problems in politics is quite similar. Republicans are forever listening to "friendly" advice from people who aren't really their friends.

Ask Sarah Palin about that. She joined Crazy Cousin John's campaign last year and found herself surrounded by arrogant know-it-all "advisers" whose advice struck her as wrongheaded, and now those same advisers appear as anonymous "campaign insiders" in vicious hit-pieces aimed at destroying her future viability as a candidate.

If Andrew Sullivan wants to be my enemy, this is his choice. I pity him too much to hate him, and his animosity harms me not at all. I wish he wouldn't accuse me of genocide, but this ludicrous accusation hurts his credibility, not mine.

There were other things I might have added here, and perhaps I'll add more later. But I've got to read this Vanity Fair article and see if I can deduce the identity of the sources. Then a nap, maybe, before preparing for my trip to Alabama.

Please tip your waitress. (Look at those gazongas!)

UPDATE 7:05 p.m.: If you criticize Somali immigrants for harassing a gay man, is your hatred of homophobia perhaps a form of xenophobia? Or is it just regular racism?

Whatever happened to multiculturalism, for crying out loud?

How dare you try to impose your values on those Somalis?! This is eliminationist rhetoric!


  1. Oh! It is much less offensive when you point out the conditional. It is as if I said, "If Robert Stacy McCain's mother were choking, I would defecate in her mouth to bring a quicker end to her suffering." That's two conditionals, so I'm doubly inculpable! (Or do they cancel out?)

    (Just to be safe, let us reiterate that "[a]rgument by hypothesis always involve the risk that some dullard will fail to grasp the point being expressed and incorrectly suppose that one actually desires the scenario described.")

  2. Good god, you are truly a moron.

    What color is the sky in your world?

  3. "one of the most single-mindedly bigoted diatribes I have read. And I've read a few."
    Reminds me of Sully's OUTRAGE when Mickey Kaus said straight men may not be interested in seeing Brokeback Mountain.

  4. Oh yeah! The Robert Stacy McCain Memorial "I was kidding, don't you guys get it?" defense. ...Last used when Bobby here advocated tying up terrorists and having them bludgeoned to death by a crowd of angry Americans -- but only as a hypothetical!

    Don't you see? Killing every Palestinian man, woman, and child... that's a joke! Oh, I get it! I get jokes!

    Listen up, Bob. We get that you don't LITERALLY want to become the first Gentile president of Israel. And we get that you don't ACTUALLY have a plan in place to murder every single Palestinian. ...That's not the problem. The problem is that your "hypos" and "jokes" are... disturbing.

    For example, if I wrote a "hypothetical" here about having a crowd beat you to death, or a "joke" about hiring soldiers to kill your family... if I did those things, you'd be outraged, angry, and disturbed. And with EXTREMELY good reason. Those two things are ridiculously horrible things to write, even as "jokes." They're the kind of thing that no civilized adult should ever write.

    ...Are we learning yet?

    Because all I'm learning from your blog is that you're so desperate for the tiniest shred of attention -- so desperate in general, in fact -- that you're willing to write any vile thing that pops into your wee head. You're happy to lower the level of discourse, if it gets you twenty extra page clicks. You admit as much in your stupid "fag" blog from before, with it's five-year-old, "Look, I'm writing something CRAZZZZZZY on the internet" refrain.

    Well, congrats, Bobby. You have again succeeded in lowering the level of public discourse in your tiny patch o' the blogosphere. But I have even better news for you. No serious liberal considers you to be an "agent of evil," as you put it. You'd need a major gravitas upgrade to achieve that exalted state. ...No, you're holding quite steady at "buffoon."

    Have a good one, chief.

    sincerely yours,
    Oliver Miller

  5. Sullivan read those single-mindedly bigoted diatribes right before he clicked Publish.

  6. The primary purpose of such an attack is to depict the target -- among others, Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin have both received this treatment -- as a person of such despicable sentiments, guilty of such vile hatreds, that no respectable person can view them as anything but a bogeyman, a demon, an agent of evil.

    Or, as those of us outside of batshit crazy world like to call it, accuracy.

  7. Or, as those of us outside of batshit crazy world like to call it, accuracy.

    Oooh, a swear!

  8. Hey Sun Tzu, why do you use the term "butthurt"?

    What does that mean, exactly...I am thinking it might have to do something with something large getting shoved up the anus...

    Is that it? More homosexual flitty flighty libby snarky smirky little tee hee fun stuff?

    You know who Steve Kangas is?

  9. Sullivan ethered himself during the campaign. Nothing he says is credible anymore.

    Hell, he was almost fired for it, and probably suspended during that interesting little leave of absence he took...

  10. Sullivan is a retard. Oh wait, that gives Trig a bad name. Have at him, I know you are just getting started! Slice and dice my friend.

    BTW - I think Oliver has a crush on you. Sure put a lot of thought into his comment for one who seeamingly hates you. You would think you attacked a mentally challenged infant or something?

  11. Perhaps I'm simply new to this column and I haven't yet figured out your style but why is it that you seem so nasty and vitriolic in your writing? Most of this could be said in a logical, calm, and meaningful way. I'm forced to ignore what you are trying to convey because you simply lose me when you resort to cheap insults.

  12. Rev Dr E Buzz: I presume you're talking to me. "Butthurt" is a word used primarily by jerks on the internet, or people when they are being jerks, since it implies both that the person who is butthurt is personally hurt and offended by something, and that the speaker is contemptuous of these hurt feelings and/or finds them hilarious. Trolls on 4chan and other gathering-places for internet jerks use the word to convey derision for their targets.

    You can also find a definition on Urban Dictionary. In a similar vein, I searched the internet and discovered that Steve Kangas was some guy with a beard. Internet!

  13. "Cheap" insults? Have you seen what it takes to rattle the man's tip jar these days?

  14. Anonymous says:
    "I'm forced to ignore what you are trying to convey because you simply lose me when you resort to cheap insults."

    Damn, Anon, I'm glad the cheap insults are working. Can we lose you now?

  15. Dude, what is it with you and gay sex lately? I'm being serious. Gays = women haters. Andrew Sullivan = no porn star dick.

    You really need to get ahold of yourself (or go out and buy some gay porn to feed whatever appetite you may be having lately).


  16. I long for the good old days when we actually had a subjunctive verb tense. I don't even use suppositional reasoning anymore. It seems few are willing to consider an idea without giving it assent, and they project this idiocy onto every writer. Arghghrhghgh!

    Also, Stacy, have you examined your Wikipedia entry? IT already has this sorry affair in the "Controversy" section. You may want to edit it for accuracy.

  17. RSM wrote: 'Welcome to the Camp of the Saints. Hit the tip jar....'

    As the Official Gatekeeper for The Camp Of The Saints & The Beloved City, I would remind you Mr. Other McCain that I am in charge of collecting all entry fees [which I would gladly turn over to you after I deducted for expenses]. Also, next time you mention TCOTS, please mention The Beloved City as well. There are so many reasons to move there or purchase a timeshare: no taxes, deep discounts on ammunition, Jai-Lai!, no Sandford-like males allowed, no Andrew Sullivan-type gays allowed [an old gay friend of mine would have said of him: 'She's feeling reaaal necessary!'], no asking 'What would Jesus do?' allowed, free fireworks, and only womens who could qualify for a G. Gordon Liddy calendar.

    As for Oliver: Unlike RSM, I would like to be the first gentile leader of Israel--if I could change the cafeteria menu. According the The Village Voice [http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/archives/2009/06/rightbloggers_a.php#] I am righteous. If elected, I would appointment RSM head of MOSSAD, put Mrs. Other McCain in charge of the IDF [I like the cut of her knife], and put Jackie Mason in charge of weeding out the schmucks [sorry Oliver].

    TheCampOfTheSaints.Com: Our Lives Are Insane!!!