Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fred Thompson fix

by Smitty

Get your Fred fix. If you only have time for one, the last is the most fun.
  • Lightning Round
    Topics on this edition of the Lightning Round include cheer leading and the Obama Press Corp, a wheel chair that reacts to brainwaves, GE being the biggest recipient of Bailout funds, The hack of Virginia’s prescription database, and the foreign policy we are using with Honduras.

  • Winners and Losers 7/1/09
    The Winners on this edition of Winners and Loser include, Pete Peterson, and Americans for Limited Government for urging the Senate to follow Senator Jim Inhofe’s call for an investigation into the EPA cover up of internal reports.
    The Losers for this edition are, is President Obama for comparing the health reform to starting a workout regimen, the other loser is Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, because of her explanation of President Obama not using the term “Global War on Terror”

  • Fred Thompson mock Interview with Al Franken
    This is a mock interview of Fred Thompson with now Senator Al Franken

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