Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Utterly predictable 'news'

The rap magazine Vibe is going out of business.

Right. A form of entertainment produced by and for subliterate cretins, celebrating the criminality and misogyny of the worst elements of Da Thug Life. The biggest news about this form of entertainment is when riots break out at the awards ceremonies or one of the performers is the victim of a drive-by assassination.

Let's produce a monthly magazine about that . . . what could possibly go wrong?

Incidentally, I understand that times are also tough at Monster Truck and Tractor-Pull Weekly . . .


  1. Counting down until one of the sub-literate cretins (or their friends) shows up and calls you a racist...3...2...1...

    (Note: my whiter-than-white brother is a big fan of this sort of music and I can't, for the life of me, make any sense of it. It gets even more bizarre when I ask him to explain how he can be a fan of the lyrics and then watch as he sputters out some incoherent response.)

  2. Destiny is a double-edged sword. It cuts both ways.

  3. You crackers are sad. Not all hip-hop is vapid gangsta misogyny and materialism. Ever heard of A Tribe Called Quest? Erik B and Rakim? Outkast? Blackalicious?

    Before condemning all rap as sub-human Jungle Music perhaps you'd do well to listen to its best artists. The most popular rock bands generally aren't the representatives of their genre. I'd love to see how many records Kenny G has sold as compared to Miles David or John Coltrane. Or how many people prefer ersatz "classical" movie sountracks over Beethoven or Bach.

  4. Ever heard of A Tribe Called Quest? Erik B and Rakim? Outkast? Blackalicious?

    How are things going there in 2001?

  5. You crackers are sad.


    That's not your word, that's my word!

    YOU do not have the right to use that word.

  6. God, the things you miss when you only check this website once a day.

    You're not actually this much of an asshole, are you, Bobby? Of course you are. Nothing will stop you.

    your pal,