Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank you, ma'am!

Fourth of July is going to be a little bit sweeter, thanks to a wonderful lady in Albuquerque, N.M., who hit the tip jar today. She included with her contribution a note:
We need reminders about calling the 8 traitors and the RNC. . . .
This was obviously a response to the Not One Red Cent answer to the Waxman-Markey Eight. Now, it happens that she hit the tip jar just before I posted my solicitation of $20 contributions, and when I saw the amount of her donation, I felt compelled to send her an e-mail:
Ma'am: The contribution said $200 -- that's not an accidental extra zero, is it? Either way, I'm grateful for your generosity, but wanted to make sure I wasn't taking advantage of an error.
To which she quickly replied:
Not an error. I am divying up the money I would usually give the national Republicans. They are getting no more from me. Keep the fight going!
Well . . . Heh. I wrote back to tell the generous lady that the fight would most certainly continue, and added that she was an answer to prayer. Before I could even ask, God answered tenfold.

I'm still a few Jacksons shy of my goal, so don't any of you other would-be tipjar-hitters think you're off the hook. Hit me, baby.

Which brings me to my good friend Dan Riehl's criticism that withholding money from the national committees will "only make the problem worse."

That depends, I suppose, on what you consider "the problem" to be. I'm having a very difficult time conceiving how the problem I'm talking about could get "worse."

The Not One Red Cent rebellion is not a tantrum, nor an atavistic gesture, but the only means remaining by which the conservative grassroots can attempt to communicate to the clueless tone-deaf assclowns at GOP-HQ -- did you hear us yet, John Cornyn? -- that their reign of idiocy is at an end.

To quote a country song, the whiskey ain't workin' anymore. And really, it never worked in the first place.

So long as the Democrats were listening to their own clueless tone-deaf assclowns (by which I mean Bob Shrum) and the conservative grassroots were fired up, GOP-HQ could get away with a fair amount of recto-cranial inversion. It is impossible to name a Republican who wouldn't have gotten at least 51% in a national election against John Freaking Kerry, especially with notorious assclown Bob Shrum running the Kerry campaign.

Yet the idiots at GOP-HQ apparently decided that the successful results of the 2004 election qualified them as omniscient political geniuses who could do no wrong. The back-to-back disasters of 2006 and '08 exposed the fallacy of that theory.

Having won elections on the backs of the grassroots -- who manned the phone lines and canvassed the precincts -- the GOP leadership believed itself so superior that they didn't need the grassroots anymore. Ah, but the grassroots are not nearly so stupid as the soi-dissant "leadership" imagines.

Whose name was listed as sponsor of S. 2611? You didn't think we'd forget something like that, did you? Words can scarcely describe the joy of knowing that, whoever wins next year's Pennsylvania Senate election, it won't be Arlen Specter.

The grassroots can always find new leaders. If the leaders think they can repeatedly betray the grassroots without consequence, they'd better think again.

What's wrong at GOP-HQ? Basically, they've forgotten whose party it is. A political party is not the property of elected officials, but of the people who elected them. How else to explain Cornyn's decision that he -- and not Republican primary voters -- should choose the party's Senate candidate in Florida?

At least Cornyn is an elected official. Not so the strategists and consultants and other hired hands whose wrongheaded advice leads to such disastrous moves as the national committee trying to handpick a senator in a key state 15 months before the primary.

Those consultants are getting paid good money to tell Republican leaders how to destroy their party. That lady in New Mexico says, Not One Red Cent. If John Cornyn isn't listening to that lady now, I guarantee that on the morning of Nov. 3, 2010, he'll wish he had. Because there are many, many thousands of grassroots conservatives who feel the same way. (And they should hit the tip jar, too.)

In the words of a famous Cuban-American, Mr. Cornyn, Say hello to my leetle friend:

Good luck beating that with Charlie Crist. Having demonstrated that Cornyn has backed the losing horse in Florida, let's reiterate what I said in my letter to the NRCC's Pete Sessions:
On a close vote of such tremendous importance, one of the last-resort means of enforcing party discipline is for leaders to inform wavering caucus members that those who defy the leadership by voting with the other party will thereby forfeit financial support for their future re-election campaigns. If the NRCC failed to deliver such a message to the eight Republicans who voted for Waxman-Markey, then this is a failure for which the NRCC must be held accountable.
This was a bad bill for which no one could vote with a clean conscience, and no Republican should have voted for it. Guarantee you if Tom DeLay were still in Congress, there would have been eight dead Republicans in the cloakroom before there would have been eight Republican votes for the Monstrosity From Hell That Will Destroy the American Economy.

The NRCC must publicly repudiate the Waxman-Markey Eight, and I'm not seeing any press releases yet, so therefore . .



UPDATE: I'd already linked Donald Douglas twice on this, but Cornyn's pet Charlie Crist is in a dead heat with Marco Rubio among voters who know both. The awesome power of NRCC's endorsement is not exactly impressive, is it?


  1. There's an alternative group called Senate conservatives fund headed up, I think, by Jim DeMint. Not sure if there is a companion group for the House. We have to get the info out on the true conservatives in the House to donate to such as Michelle Bachman/Minnesota and Tom McClintock/California. There must be a list complied somewher. Much as I enjoy this sight - money needs to get to the people running for office who will be actually voting.

  2. I didn't really say that, Stacy. I said give to candidates instead and that we needed to sell basic con principles in NJ and the NE. So I wasn't advocating just giving the nat orgs money without a change. - Dan

  3. Dan's already said it, but - well, I want to talk too.

    That's just the way we roll here ...

    Swearing off the national committees - RNC, House & Senate - lets them know you're not happy with what they're doing.

    Their denial mode will be "they took their ball and went home; once gone, they'll stay gone."

    Giving to truly conservative candidates lets them know your money is still in the game - not only are they not getting your money, people coming after them ARE getting your money.

    They notice when their soldiers quit the field; they REALLY notice when they see their soldiers turn and come after them.

  4. The last few paragraphs of your article reminded me of what I consider Orwell's best book *ANIMAL FARM*. The lefties who've been running the GOP the last 12 years are the spitin image of the pigs in the FARM. They are just "more ewual" than the rest of us!

    I will say it again. For the GOP to win it must present an honest choice. Not a bunch of liberals/collectivists who talk conservative but vote liberal. As my Celtic ancestors said thousands of years ago "actions speak louder than words!". The liberal actions for the GOP "leadership" (I think calling these morons(or just plain liars) leaders is wrong) the last 12 years is what the voters have been hearing. And accounts for bad election results since 96 (excluding the flukes of 02 + 04). The diasters of 06 + 08 should have made clear that the "pragmatic" "leadershio"(?) of lefties like Rove and Bush was anything but "pragmatic". The elections of 02 + 04 made Cptn Rove's order to the helmsman of hard to port seem to be something other than what it was. The massacres of 06 + 08 plainly show the move to the left to have been at best idealistic; and in reality purely speculative and imkpractical.
    Liberal "leaders" who continue to behave as if they are "more equal" than the rest of us will make the GOP the new Whigs.

    An old exJarhead
    Cerritos, Cal

  5. Uh, dude, from your letter to NRCC:
    "...or suffer well-deserved defeat on November 2, 2001."

    Might want to fix that date.