Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catfight! Meghan McCain's rack
vs. the LOTUS With the Mostest

Given her Rule 5 qualities, the blonde-joke punchline has been defended by some of my commenters. Right-wing guys who covet a top position in her coalition, so to speak, complained about my snarkdown of Cousin Meghan's twittering about her "5-foot-1 ass in a push up bra."

Disturbing mental image, eh? Undisturbed, but perhaps in some sense mental, one buxom right-winger jumps on Meghan and twists her Tweets:
Clearly, Meghan McCain is at the forefront of the tit-tering movement. This is because her rack probably is her greatest contribution to the GOP.
Unfortunately for them, everyone knows that I’ve already declared myself to be the titular head of the conservative movement. Now if I could just master The Other McCain’s Rule 5, more people would know it.
Trust me, fellows. If more than a mouthful's wasted, LOTUS is more wasteful than a banker with a billion bailout bucks. So if you want to stay abreast of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, she's the LOTUS with the mostest. Read all her posts, because her conservative principles are real and they're spectacular.


  1. If it were that rack stacked against my conservatie principles, the rack will always win. Always.

    - Brian Moore

  2. Could Meghan McCain be any more embarrassing? No wonder all the leftist media love to have her on their shows -- look at the dumb blonde Republican chick make an ass of herself.

  3. Meghan's a Republican? Who knew?

  4. Not sure what to make of the banker analogy, but thanks for the link :)