Friday, July 3, 2009


by Smitty (h/t Rhetorican, also NTC News)

Politico has the details. Even if you're not a fan (really, let's see the caliber on the RINO rifle before we invest too much hope in her commitment to Federalism), picking up the 04 July momentum is a good idea. Maybe not a master stroke, but a journeyman stroke, anyway.
The big concern is that committing this early will have her fading out like a firework trail before 2012.
The DNC response could barely be heard over the sound of their collective sphincter slamming shut:
...her decision to abandon her post and the people of Alaska who elected her continues a pattern of bizarre behavior that more than anything else may explain the decision she made today.

Anyone on the Right should consider supporting Sarah Palin, if only from the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend standpoint. Somebody has to catch the javelins in the battle against Cap-and-Trade, Obama-care, Card Check, and the rest of the larcenylegislation coming out of the Congress That Shall Live in Infamy. The DC RINO herd, featuring clowns like Christopher Henry Smith (my middle name is Lewis, FYI), cannot be relied upon.
So, let's grant the benefit of the doubt.
Maybe her policies will be Federalist in nature.
Maybe her staff won't leave her on the bus overnight:

John McCain Accidentally Left On Campaign Bus Overnight

Maybe the pack of foppish pseudo-conservative sniping girly men will understand the pyrrhic nature of all their handwringing and criticize constructively for a change.
And, since closing with a Heart video would be a lapse into cliché, how about some equally effective Benatar:

Allahpundit takes the completely opposite viewpoint.
Additional detail at Breitbart. I'm guessing that, once out of the governor's office, she's going to be a distraction for the Obama Administration that's most entertaining to observe. Or she could just settle for a talk show. Go for it, lady.

Update II:
Video at Gateway Pundit. Now, wouldn't it be a shock if she showed up in DC on 12 September? One certainty is that underwear sales inside the beltway would spike.

Update III:
Cynthia Yockey, chiding my measured response: Palin for President. But can you help Allahpundit come to the light?

Update IV:
The Anchoress wins the More Updated Than Thou competition.
Although Scrappleface has the Best Title: Palin Quits to Spend More Time with Couric, Gibson

Update IV:
I hope Allahpundit is trolling, emphasis mine:
I think she’s following more of a Nixonian strategy here. I.e. it could be she’s burned out on politics and dispirited by all the crap she’s put up with it and wants to get away at an opportune moment. If, as is likely, The One wins a second term, the GOP will be so dejected that it’ll happily give her a second look as a potential savior in 2016, much as it did with Nixon after he lost the 1960 presidential election and 1962 California gubernatorial race.

Dude, pay attention: if BHO wins a second term, Michelle will be POTUS 2016-2024, a Constitutionally suitable consort to the older Obama daughter will rule from 2024-2032, when we switch back to the Obama dynasty proper. I say that and pray that I am wrong on a variety of levels.

Update V:
Conservatives 4 Palin says she's "Crossed the Rubicon". Also, Mark Levin audio.

Update VI:
Faust inquires: Will Sarah Palin become the next Ross Perot?
to which I replied:
In no way.
Ross ran against an incumbent, split the conservative ticket (guilty) and helped usher in the Clintons.
If the RINO herd doesn’t get with the effing program and welcome her aboard, then far more than the 2012 election is lost.


  1. Smitty,

    Thank you for taking the positive point of view on Gov. Palin's announcement.

    FYI, please consider linking me under "Headlines" for my post with the downloadable "Fire David Letterman" kit in PDF.


  2. The smartest thing for Palin to do would be to get a big time television deal from a sinking network (hello CNN)! She would have constant air time to promote conservative ideas and rip liberal ones. Not only that, she could be the one pulling a Katie Couric on some liberal politicians. She majored in journalisim didn't she? Can you imagine Palin sitting at a roundtable discussion on election night in 2010 setting a dipshit like Roland Martin straight?

  3. She is not going anywhere. In fact, I think she is going to be in the lower 48 a lot. There is something to being out of elective office that makes one more open to saying what is REALLY on their mind.

  4. Smitty, I would have gone with "You Better Run".

  5. The most likely explanation is that she has had it. Just had it with all the press attention and crap that came with national stature. She and her husband have talked about it and all the misery it has caused her family and she is done with politics. Don't expect there to be a Palin bus to climb on in 2012.

  6. I posted this at HotAir, but it needs repeating:
    Don't be too quick to write her off for 2012. Two years is a LOOONG time in politics. Clinton would have lost to a potted plant in '94, but when the GOP ran a potted plant against him in '96, he had regained enough to squeak through.
    Let's see her book and a few interviews before writing her off. She will soon be able to speak on politics outside of Alaska issues without shelling out 20-50K per complaint to get these abusive ethics charges dismissed. Remember, she did not marry money like McCain, inherit a fortune like Romney, or get rich through political self-dealing like Obama. In her current situation, she can't afford to begin national politicking until 2011, when a new governor is sworn in. That is too short a time to work the field for 2012. Now her resignation will be a year and a half behind her and she will have spent that time working the field. Give her a year on the rubber chicken circuit before pronouncing her out for 2012.

  7. She's a quitter and a phony.
    I wasn't really surprised by her decision; she can't handle the pressures of being a major political figure( and all the bullshit that comes with it).
    No way she could ever handle the pressures of being POTUS. And all those who think otherwise are delusional and/or not paying attention to what she did today.
    She couldn't even finish her first term as Governor in office!!!
    Methinks there is more to come on this story,and it was all set up in her ridiculous resignation speech today--with all her wacky talk about bloggers and media attacks( although she insisted she was doing this for Alaskans!).
    Good riddance...

  8. @Y4E,
    The beauty of commitment to a set of Constitutional principles, rather than a personality, is that I'm not emotionally invested in any candidate.
    It is no more good to vote for Sarah Palin based upon her chromosomes than to vote for Barak Obama based upon his.
    Even if she just controls the news cycle and acts as a spoiler for President Obama, she's performed a valuable Constitutional service.

  9. I think the Dems need to worry less about who the GOP is running in 2012 and more about who they're going to run. No, seriously, they're not running this guy again, are they?

  10. @Rich,
    Review Update IV. If there is a message in the tea leaves of the current foreign policy, it is that power is something to retain.

  11. smitty1e,

    Then SP just either took a wild gamble against conventional wisdom, or made a very serious mistake by giving up an executive position in politics. If she comes back in 2012, what will be her resume? She quit her only major executive job (mayor of Wasilla doesn't count), so she better have something really good lined up very soon. Nobody quits a leadership position unless something bad happens or the person has a higher/better position lined up. And the fact that Alaska is hurting right now makes her departure even less auspicious. By comparison, by 2012 Obama will have served one whole term in office, so unless he quits or totally screws up, he will have 4 years of real "executive experience".