Friday, July 3, 2009

A sad form of amusement

by Smitty

A sad form of amusement
  comes after the jig is done
    and someone pays the piper.

This rarely proves truly fun,
  more often an atonment:
    venting a nasty diaper.

How often under the gun,
  when everyone is hyper,
    is there any discernment?

The wise man seems a sniper:
  "Nothing new under the sun!"
    (not tactic'ly relevant).

And thus out comes the viper,
  spewing naught but excrement:
    "Taxation is redemption!"

Fleeing becomes evident.
  Wallets avoid the reaper.
    Economic destruction.

Foolishness is detriment.
  Kleptocracy is undone.
    Capitalism: keeper.


  1. Keep your day job, Smitty. :)

  2. Great!
    My family has been in Cal for over 200 years. I have been a property owner for over 40 years. The Time article is like Lord Keynes's Multiplier: pure Bull Sh*t! Prop 13 is not the problem.
    To quote for the last conservative President of America in a S. of the Union address: "... The government will never be able to solve the problem ... The government IS the problem!".
    Our problem out West is and has been for over 30 years *THE GOVERNMENT*! TIME has so many distortions, omissions and half truths that the article amounts to one big lie! It just is not so.
    Caopassionate conservatives have solved every problem under the sun(not a direct quote from the Bible)with more government. And then for good measure have solved imaginary problems with more government. Our problem here is compassionate conservatives.
    Our solution would be sonservatives in office once again.
    I read (what in my opinion is) a good article yesterday about how the "road to H*ll is paved with good intentions" or the Road to Serfdom is paved by compassionate conservatives. IT is on the Reason site:

    I am not in complete agreement with this but generally agree. One thing I agree with (which is obliquely pointed out by the writer) is that the difference between compassionate conservatives and liberals/left wingers is fictitious. Both political groups take us to serfdom. And a debt lades serfdom at that!

    Rod Stanton
    Cerritos, Cal

  3. @Stogie,
    Yeah, I'd make a slender poet.