Monday, June 29, 2009

How to celebrate the Ricci ruling?

A rare legal victory for heterosexual white guys. Every blogger on the planet has already weighed in, and a notoriously homophobic honky blogger wonders what's left to say.

Hit the tip jar. You heard me right, cracker. Andrew Jackson is a hero to oppressive white guys everywhere, so hit me with $20.

Tell you what: Let's have a big party Saturday night to celebrate this in grand style -- and you're invited!

Everyone is invited to the Third Annual Camp FUBAR Fourth of July Fireworks & BBQ Blowout on the shores of Alabama's beautiful Lake Weiss. (Google map showing approximate location of Camp FUBAR.)

What better way to celebrate this historic Caucasian occasion than to hang out with a bunch of Alabama rednecks and then, just after sundown, watch a genuine white guy shoot off about $800 worth of fireworks?

But you've got to hit the tip jar, because I've got to pay for my gas to drive down there and also pick up 300 feet of extra fuse. (Advanced redneck fireworks technique.)

What are you? A damned racist like Sonia Sotomayor?

Update: by Smitty
You write a post like this and don't even throw a bone to your Porch Manqué? I feel thoroghly discriminated against, and will now formally play the race card.


  1. Jackson's not a hero to the white guys whose oppression involves national banking.

  2. Blow 'em up! I already hit dat tip jar earlier. Gotta save some for me and the mister.