Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friggin' Mind Just Reset Again

by Smitty

So, after the Friday fireworks of the Palin announcement, it seemed time to get to work on the FMJRA installment. It's the 4th of July, and a major Tea Party outing. Government spending is so crazy that economists will soon be forced into using logarithms to talk about deficits. Life seemed so much less chaotic back in the old GWOT days. Sarah really wiped out the right-o-sphere traffic. All other topics Palin comparison. (Stacy: put the bludgeon down.)

Speaking of soon-to-be-ex-Governor-Palin was the focus of about three major threads this week, which can't be organized coherently. They were, generally, children, Vanity Fair, and the abrupt departure from office. So here is a bundle of Palin joy:
  • rightofcourse links us, also pointing to a slightly pro-Palin blog that leaks her plan, in its entirety, shaming me for not having grasped its sublime simplicity straigtaway:
    1. Sarah steps down as Alaska's Governor
    2. ???
    3. President Palin 2013!
  • Carolyn Tackett had great analysis and linkage to Stacy's coverage of the Vanity Fair hitpiece that everyone seems to have forgotten.
  • The South Texian refers to her as future President of the United States.
  • Obi's Sister gave me a quote of the day link related to Krauthammer's "unready" analysis, editing my TLA in the process. Now, now, Obi's Sister: if you put anything naughty into that acronym, that's your business. I meant "Anatomically Fatigued, Ultimately." We are, of course, running a (mostly) clean blog here. She also speculated that the anti-Palin brake-screech in the 4th Estate might be an allusion to The Hunt for Red October. But that would imply Commie intent, and we've outgrown McCarthyism, so that's un-possible.
  • His Insty-ness linked Palinpalooza and followed up when Joyner joined the fray.
  • Pat in Shreveport apparently held down breakfast long enough to read Sullivan, and includes this:
    Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan blasted the MSM for failing to get the details on Trig Palin's birth. He concluded his post with "I believed then and I believe now that the MSM is too concerened with their own reputations and too deferent to power to even ask the questions. Which is another betrayal of their core purpose. And why they are dying. And deserve to."
    Theory: the Trig Palin fixation is an attempt to come manufacture a cosmic justification for the MSM's general abdication of responsibility WRT BHO. It's all good that BHO was unexamined; look at the lack of inquiry on the right. The trick to analyzing a Sullivan is to suspend standard rules of logic and proportion.
  • Of Palinpalooza, The Blogprof said "Stacy seriously must have trashed his keyboard over this one." He also picked up It Takes Small Men...
  • The Classic Liberal: "let the bottom-feeders go!"
  • Melissa Clouthier wants to blacklist all that old McCain staff.
  • Pundette notes that attacking Palin never gets old. Yet supporting her shall likely stay younger.
  • Teach at The Pirates Cove links. Sullivan's rants are "plainly insane, and makes the people who run The Atlantic look like morons". Paging McArdle...
  • Knappster goes for the NIN reference, and sounds as coherent as a Trent Reznor outing in describing his disdain for Sarah Palin. But let's wait and see if she lets the Left and the disgruntled Right scare her off. If not, when she's a declared candidate, then her national-level policy positions will be explored at length and in detail.
  • Thumb and Whip had a thorough deconstruction of the "It Take Small People" post.
  • Teach picks up the phone, as Stacy picks on Andy: "Someone get Milky Loads a waaaaaah!-mbulance as he gives RS McCain a Malkin Award"
  • Deuce at the Skepticrates blames Sarah Palin for borking his blog post about BHO in Russia. It's a fair cop.
  • ToM Athens correspondent Jesse Hathaway piles on the snark.
  • Kirbside on the "Small Men" post: "I am tired of how many of us on the right tap dance around the issues... R.S.McCain does not!"
  • Fishersville Mike noted that Todd Palin is a dude, not a piece of meat.
  • The Rhetorican also gives link.
  • Little Miss Attila thinks that the size of the post may have other connotations.
  • Donald Douglas was involved in some of the fray over the Palin children.
  • Bob Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints was had a good roundup.
Sarah also drowns a clown out of the media.
My take has been consistent on Governor took-a-wrong-turn-and-wound-up-in-Argentina. Why is he still in office? My respect for Jenny Sanford is as great as my not-respect for Mark.
  • Again, Carloyn Tacket appreciated my analysis in part of a larger round up.
  • Daley Gator on Sanford: "If Meghan McCain thinks he should stay, then that is evidence that I should go the opposite way." Yes, Meghan, begone with you and that Progressive kool-aid.
  • Now, Mrs. The Other McCain may be a tough cookie, but do give consideration to Mrs. TCotS. Yikes.
Also momentarily submerged, but possibly bubbling back to the surface is IG-Gate.
The Franken nail in the 111th Congressional Coffin caught some notice:
The NORC campaign has some traction in the face of the Imaginary Legislation That Will Eat The Economy:
  • Andrea at Radio Patriot introduces a cool Not One Red Cent graphic.
  • Whereas the Riehl World View is that such victories could turn pyrrhic. I dunno. Given the choice between death by capillary or arterial bleeding, I'll note that the latter has the virtue of being faster.
  • Winkydog (great name!) had some coverage, highlighting the 44 semi-conscious Dems in addition to the 8 RINOs.
  • Carol was graphic and unambiguous about the news at No Sheeples Here.
  • The Reaganite Republican Reseistance weighed in. Splendid Green Giant graphic.
  • In which Jules Crittenden trumps all the climate scientists: "I thought the global warming scare was caused by horseshit."
  • South Texian played the Judas card:
    Robert Stacy McCain has found out the likely reason one of those turncoats, John McHugh, voted for the bill: Barack Obama nominated him to be the new Secretary of the Army. Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver, Johnny.
  • Carol takes Vodkapundit's immortal Churchill riff and goes graphical.
  • Over at Paco, Seabiscuit registers disdain with a pose.
  • Bob at TCotS offers a thorough overview with follow-up.
On the topic of the species whose presence in high office requires substantial diminishing:
  • The Cranky Con hopes to cook the burgers well enough for his local laywer clutch.
  • Lindsay rogered up that it was a great lawyer rant.
  • Steynian gave linkage, though you have to get past the hilarious Barney Frank coverage to find it.
  • Bob at TCotS rogered up for this rant as well.
Oh, and did we say lawyers? The Ricci, or, "let's install clowns in all three branches of the Federal government", decision:
  • In noting the local impact of Ricci, the Blogprof linked us.
  • Linked by Conservative Political Report.
  • Seriously: what more do we need than "DNA-based decision making is false" any longer in our society?
The GOP ad that brought out the curmudgeon in me:
  • Sundries Shack was supportive.
  • It comes down to this: we have a Progressive party running things in the US, with a Democrat wing and a GOP wing. Only, that bird don't fly. I fact, that bird flips off the electorate every time it short-circuits the Federalism inherent in the Constitution, as it has since Woodrow Wilson. So if these clueless GOP hacks don't realize that (mostly due to Jonah Goldberg in my case) we're on to their crap, then doom on them.
Miscellaneous shouts:
Future publishing note from Bob at TCotS:
Bernard Goldberg is writing a sequel to his current book; it will be called A SLOBBERING LOVE AFFAIR II: THE OTHER MCCAIN, SMITTY, & THE SHAMELESS BLOGWHORING OF A MAN NAMED BELVEDERE. Pre-order it at AmazonWomen today.
So that's the wrap. Please email cheers and jeers to Smitty. On the Fourth of July, consider those who've gone before, the wisdom of the founding documents, and the foolishness of those attempting to hijack the most exceptional system of government in history.


  1. Thanks for the link, Smitty! And a Happy Independence Day to you!

  2. fascinating how we had all this talk about Palin, people trying to destroy her, and then all of a sudden, she does this...

    Was it the result of all that Letterman and others bullshit?

    I'd hate to think so, but the Democrats have descended into such pits of fucked-up shit...

  3. Thanks for the links, Smitty. Though I referred to Palin as a future President of the United States the day before her resignation as Governor of Alaska, I am still sticking with that description of her. But as I wrote yesterday, I'm not entirely sure that resigning was a good move.

  4. Happy 4th Smitty! Glad you liked the graphic!

  5. Happy 4th to you as well. This nonsense about Palin quitting is a joke. What or why is there any reason for her to up and quit on her beloved state. I certainly hope after this she doesn't have the audacity to run for the in 2012.

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  6. Dude, Sorry it took so long for me to notice you gave me a shout out. Many Many thanks!