Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Franken and the future

by Smitty

NTCNews notes the Minnesota Supreme Court results adding another superstar of Roland Burris proportions to the US Senate.
The Minnesota blog of record, PowerLine, has the sober, mature review. A less sober, immature view of situtations like this is to be found here, [NSFW]:

What to do? Thoughts include:
  • Tea Party participation. Got plans?
  • Supporting Republican gubernatorial candidates in NJ and VA.
  • Going Galt on the economy.
  • Venting on effingconservatives as required. Unload your Tourettes impulses there in the comments with us.
  • Make Congresscritters sick of hearing from me.
I submit that there will never be a more critical period, and few equals, as the next 18 months of US history. Since we've now crossed the imaginary legislation horizon, we've a sewage-like stream of liberal nightmares moving towards us. That which we do or fail to do is going to have grave consequences. I submit that the seemingly empathetic twist with which shenanigans in Iran and Honduras are viewed by this administration may be a hound of ill omen for our own future.


  1. Arguably the most inspiring scene in motion-picture history. In fact, this scene is arguably the basis of my entire journalistic career.

    (Insert jokes about a futile, stupid gesture.)

  2. To quote Dickens, "It was the best of times, Regan era, and it truly is the worst of times. The paradigm shifted with the election of Bill Clinton & the 102nd Congress.
    There simply isn't enough people that share our values of self reliance and personal responsibility. I truly fear for our future.

  3. "The paradigm shifted with the election of Bill Clinton & the 102nd Congress."
    I contend that we're dealing with aftershocks of the Cold War. The Liberal Fascism now gripping the world may be the entre into an apocalypse (I pray not), or just a political nadir (I hope, and shall strive to ensure such).

  4. Oh, yes, indeed. This is absolutely the most brilliant post I've read in the last five minutes! Hoorah, sir! Hoorah, I say!

    Let's see what we've got here:

    Norm Coleman, despite having the ridiculously overpowering advantage of being an incumbent, was unable to overcome a challenge by one of the single least funny comedians of the late 20th century. Nonetheless, he was willing to fight it out in court, because he was a MAN!!

    A whiny, bitchy, nasal-voiced man with horrific hair, bad genes, and a habit of switching political parties when it was convenient, but a MAN!! A man with the ambition and desire to...

    Well, to be honest, nobody was really sure what he stood for. Except his own political ambitions, of course. Ambitions that were cut down in the prime of their life, by an unfunny comedian who used to write for Saturday Night Live!

    (If, you know, "ambitions" can be said to have a "life" as such... but let's ignore that, because otherwise this rant becomes even less understandable than it already is...)

    So, as you say, what can we do?

    1. We can teabag every person we find! Yes, we can!!

    2. We can support Republican gubernatorial candidates in NJ and VA. Unless we don't live in NJ or VA, in which case it would be a pretty senseless move. But we should never let that stop us!

    4. (I'll go back. Trust me.) We can vent on random conservative sites like the WATB's we are! Because we can!

    5. We can randomly spam our congresscritters, because they have no idea how to block an email!

    3. Or we can "go Galt on the economy!" Because God knows that the executive class, doing nothing, will have a significant effect on the economy! Our MBE's (or city college BA's, or GED's) will surely be missed as the people riot because they don't have effective leadership! God knows they can't lead themselves! They aren't good enough!


    Or, maybe, we could just abandon our strange philosophical constructs, learn to live with the people around us, and maybe work to make this a better world.

    Well, we could...


  5. Dear goodness, Stacy, they might even integrate Alabama in the next decade! You can't have that

  6. Smitty: that last paragraph is DEAD SOLID PERFECT.

    We cannot allow them to succeed. The America we know and love is teetering on the precipice.

    Quoted from and linked to at:

    SIDENOTE: No doubt about it: the Damien prophecy is being fulfilled....

    'Satbam shall be loosed out of his Chicago and shall go out to deceive the people which are in the four quarters of America...to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea, or fifty-two percent. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and encompassed with their sewage the Camp of the Saints...and the Beloved City.'

    —The Book Of Revolutions, 20:7-9 [believed to be authored by St. Saul of Alinsky]