Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feeling Most Jacobite Right About Now

By Smitty
Note that the post title refers to Jacobitism in the loosest of ways, and is not to be mistaken as a reference to the Jacobin Club at all. The Full Metal Jacket Reach Around, brought to you as a public nuisanceservice in support of Rule 2, is now in session.

  • In offering a roundup of the Supreme Court of Iowa, APB noted RSM's deconstruction of Andrew Sullivan's notions. A thrashing of Steve Benen earned a link to the Andrew Breitbart post as a note on astroturfing. There was also a Rule 5 mention on an Angie Harmon post. We may need to have the rules committee address the issue of shameless Rule 5 embedding as a means of jacking up the scores. This is serious business. American Power offered an excellent Frum-drubbing, and refrenced this blog's analysis of along the way. The review of Andrew Breitbart on the Left's Internet Hooligans was updated to note this blog's Breitbart admiration.
  • Paco the Enterprising One offered a medium-flame rant on the POTUS, and managed to mention another blog perpetratedvaguely connected to RSM with an 'indelicate' title. Sarah the Mail Order Gag Gift earned a hat tip. Again the astroturfing linkage. But what if this post is the Great Wall of Astroturf? The Waldorf Astroturfia? The World's Biggest Jackastroturfing? Does this make it OK? Paco noted how the POTUS is acting as the nation's CEO, and linked the Tea Party post. It's just short of a civic duty to plan to attend one. A Brooks pummeling was linked amidst a post concerning that 'scrofulous' crapweasel Harry Reid. Also deemed linkworthy was a pointer to silver spoon snobs
  • Obi's Sister wants to know if there is a lemon law covering the POTUS. Grits links this blog's pointer over to Protein Wisdom and a woman who nearly had a When Harry Met Sally moment when meeting said POTUS. In 'A Dip That Doesn't Drip', Obi liked the Penn Gillet quote about the Community Organizer in Chief. In picking up the Useful Idiot Day tradition, Obi found last Tuesday's faint praise of Brooks halfhearted. The Breitbart post got more in apposition to Stuff that Makes Pelosi Worry. She expressed mild shock at the inclusion in this humble blog. I gave away some secrets, for those interested.
  • Gahrie (do you pronounce that like 'Fahv-ruh' at the end of There's Something About Mary?) wonders if Paul Krugman has studied David Brooks. Great video at the link. Props to The Rock Cookie Bottom.
  • Lead and Gold noted the Team Spirit post. They also figure RSM has a little Jimi up his sleeve. I can personally attest to his Mack the Knife, even if I sucked trying to film it. They also reviewed the last one of these and offer:
    More fun than reading footnotes and less dangerous than smoking in bed.
  • Monique rogered up for the Tea Party. Hope to see you there! She also demonstrated contrarian flair, finding an allusion to this post in the whole affair. Lastly, she approved of the ransom note method, at least the post on the topic.
  • Dad29 offers up a "good stuff" for the post on the Obama troll army. He joins the chorus of those denouncing the crapweasel takeover attempt of the Tea Party movement, going so far as to link RSM's Spectator work. As should we all. He refers to the ransom note method in a thrashing of the Greater Wisconsin Committee.
  • No Sheeples Here, besides a very thuggable graphic, mentioned The Telegraph's long list of societal accomplishments before the one hour dark age last week. They also honored the ransom note post, replete with cool graphic, and a post I did on classical liberal values, springing from the last of these itty-bitty roundups.
  • Cynthia Yockey proposes that RSM be given something like a grant by the conservative poo-bahs, to further enhance his blogging fu. I can't see why she would consider this suggestion 'vindictive' (hilarious Stark Trek still at the link).
    She picked up a site of the day award from Conservative Grapevine (kudos)! Her ear boxing of Faux conservative/twerp vérité Ross Douthat was very nicely done, and she hat-tipped RSM's Lenten vow. I too caught heat, on Wednesday, for failure to link Obama confesses to treason..., opting instead to link something hinting about a Very Special Relationship between BHO and Gordon Brown. While neither Jewish nor Roman Catholic, I will temporarily suspend my say-no-to-guilt principle and point you to this link. In my defense, I did land the first comment. Sorry, Cynthia!
  • Kathy Shaidle linked the ransom note method. In response to (I think) the shaky status of the Tampa Tea Party protest, she linked the Speedo post. The blog troll army drew notice, as well as the diamond pattern bit. What is it about diamonds?
  • Leading off with some Ann Margaret video, Pundit and Pundette followed by noting the Tea Party protest post. They finish off with a quote from RSM's Breitbart review.
  • Seymour Nuts may make some time for a Tea Party. Had some fun with his trackback: see update VI. Hopefully he can make an event, as is schedule sounds loaded
  • The Criminally Under-rated Post of the Week award goes to Political Castaway, for having Wen Jiabao call for BHO's ouster. Brilliant! Combing these links is a lot of fun, but you really turn it up to 11.
  • Ennui Pundit goes for the vanity play:
    Stacy McCain is fond of noting that many movement conservatives neither understand the nature of the battle nor possess the requisite skill to fight the battle.
  • Ed Driscoll asks: What, and give up the ransom note method of selective misquotation?
  • "In this time of darkness, Stacy reminds us of the immortal words of Otter", said Dan Collins in a great post on Designated Victim Groups. The Ransom Note post also showed up in a delightfully scathing roundup of Gordon Brown abuse.
  • S.Logan has been deemed a heathen. A glance at her blogroll, where she has The Daily Dish "above" (let us choose our words carefully) this blog is but one indication of a rather sorry state of affairs. She's a trying-very-hard sort of heathen, though, affording this undemanding blog four URLs in the cleverly done Who's Line... roundup.
  • Moe Lane picked up the laugh track on Harry Reid's most recent buffoonery. This blog also scored a hat tip for the Breitbart lead.

  • ...and then there were those who merely linked us once...

  • 36chambers (a street address?) linked to the now-mildly-famous ransom note post amidst an interesting link dump.
  • Below the Beltway celebrates its millionth visitor with a hat tip to RSM and some Charlize Theron Rule 5
  • Bob's Bar and Grill has the eloquently titled drunk-blog post Blah Blah Blah. I don't know. It made a good palate cleanser. I had to leave this blog promptly, due to PTSD brought on by that arm tattoo from last week. *shudder*
  • Conservative Infidel, apparently, added this blog to the roll. Thanks!
  • Fear and Loathing in Georgetown liked the 'classical libertarian values' post, and offered an interesting exposition of the points at hand. Those points were summarized nicely by Raphael.
    Returning to uncultured barbarian mode.
  • Gateway Pundit picked up some classic RSM from the Old Days (January) in a Breitbart roundup.
  • Fisherville Mike picks up on some 'foreign' RSM action that you may have missed. Thank you, sir.
  • Earned a "Quote of the Day" on The Everlasting Phelps for "Here’s a clue for the youngsters: If the New York Times ever offers to publish you, you’re doing something wrong."
  • Politics and Critical Thinking (PACT) offers a Rule #2 lesson that stands as a fine example of the form. They even linked the Nude Eel post, which I thought a fine pun and oblique innuendo, but went over like BHO without a teleprompter. Responding to
    McCain's co-writer, or lackey (We still haven't figured it out yet.)
    my official title is "Porch Manqué" ;)
  • Daniel Larison calls RSM out regarding the a foreign policy point made in this post. We'll have to let these fellas duke it out. I'm only here to catch javelins, not throw. Much.
  • Capital Research Center picked up the brief post on the GIVE Act.
  • Poligazette pooh-poohs the idea in the Breitbard post that there is any sort of organized anti-conservative effort "established and funded by the Obama administration’s political wing". All I can tell you is that our favorite lefty commenter, Young 4 Eyes, laughed when I referred to him as our zampolit.
  • Riehl World View comes out stridently neutral on the conspiracy notion:
    Is there anyone out here worth a damn who hasn't realized this has been going on? And I believe it's impact is vastly over-rated by AB.
    +5 Insightful
  • Armed Liberal "thought Robert Stacy McCain's reprise of Jeff Goldstein's full-throated whine about how unfair liberals are was as lame as the original" in this post. AL concludes
    Someone needs to stand up for liberty, and do it in the context of real societies, not Heinlein's loonies. It'd be nice to see conservatives take up that mantle.
    But will AL be at a Tea Party in a week and a half?
  • Jeff Barnard also offers some blowback on The Ransom Note Method.
    He had me nodding my head in agreement until he came out with, "...a prominent conservative fighter like Limbaugh or Ann Coulter."
    Demagogues like Limbaugh and Coulter are not "conservatives". Not unlike the one person McCain spends the bulk of that post demonizing, David Brooks, these media figures have no real ideology or agenda beyond their wallets.
    Hmmm. They're certainly both capitalists, and given to saying/writing things to make a buck. I might not always appreciate their style, but I'm not sure what substantial argument exists showing either one has demagogic tendencies.
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