Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ross Douthat update

Kathy Shaidle sent me an e-mail that said, "Don't read this until after Lent."

Smitty? Somebody? Please read the article and comment.

How long until Easter?

Update: by Smitty
Cynthia Yockey fills an important role, tying in her other Douthat reporting into an excellent roundup.
Thank you kindly!


  1. Stacey, friend, don't go read it. Do not.

    A man your age, and trust me I know, can experience severe negative health consequences from stress. Reading this and not blogging it would constitute "stress" of an intensity associated with strokes, migraines and conniption. Veins will pop and throb, inarticulate sounds will erupt from the throat. And then there's the property damage from the blood squirting out your ears.

    OTOH, when you do blog this, the weapons grade vitriol will flow like a flamethrower of verbal destruction. There will be carnage. Metaphors will not be used, for direct language of apocalyptic power will be not be blunted by any comparison.

    In the way that "Fisking" has become a word, your wrath upon the Douthat will be legend.

    Ross Douthat now has the job for which he has been destined all this time.

  2. I completely agree. Do not read this... this makes a drool bucket leaned over by Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow, and Cafferty look "half-empty." I've never seen such gratuitous ass kissing, but that's all you need to know about it. If you were to read the details yourself, you would most assuredly suffer from a cardial infarction.

  3. Ross Douthat's career is like the episode of The Brady Bunch where the cool guy and girl music execs tried to make Greg Brady into the latest pop star. Not because Greg Brady was talented, but because, as they explained he literally "fit the suit."

    The two execs had a very expensive suit made for their next great star and the only qualification for the next great star was that he "fit the suit." Talent was unnecessary.

    The irony here is that the high school kid, Greg Brady, was too embarrassed and ashamed to be used in such a cynical ploy whereas the Harvard grad, Ross Douthat seems perfectly okay with it, if not quite pleased.

    -Mrs. P

  4. "Douthat, who once went skinny-dipping with William F. Buckley..."

    Well, that's one way to network, I guess.

    Now, I'm not all that plugged in to "what's happenin' now" in the onservative movement, but I had never heard of the guy until I read that Robert had given him up for Lent.

  5. Just posted a punksmacking for you at my blog -- please link back. Thanks!


  6. Stacy, Ross was quoted as saying that the heathens of the conservative movement need sober Ivy-educated elites like himself to guide the movement, and thus he plans on using his forum in the NY Times editorial page to (along with the esteemed Mr. Brooks) guide us and to shape our views, based of course on his vast amount of real-world experience and the superior knowledge he gained from being educated at Harvard ...

    ... ok, he didn't really say that. Hey, sorry about the spike in blood pressure there.

  7. Ok Stacy, here is one actual quote from the article, and one I can state, with absolute metaphysical certitude, that you will agree with 100%:

    "“I think that Ross is a liberal’s conservative,” McArdle said ..."

  8. I though that on Sundays during Lent, you were allowed to indulge in that which you gave up?

    Is this not true?