Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama: Below the Mendoza Line

"Right now, the majority of the American public sees President Obama as a Jackie Robinson symbol of hope and change. But conservatives have seen his flaws. He can't hit the curve ball. He can't field his position. He's a utility infielder, not an All-Star or Hall of Famer."


  1. Utility infielders are better than that. Obama's more like (switching sports) a Monday morning quarterback who's suddenly been put in charge of the team. And no one's sure whose side he's on.

  2. "The people are ready to be led, just look at the Tea Parties and the 9-12 project. Those things aren't following the Obama path. Republicans shouldn't either."

    Yeah, let's look at the Tea Parties and the 9-12 project, both instances where people are being led to the proverbial giftshop of Conservative tchotchkes that come in the form of useless books and bumper stickers.
    People are being led alright, by whackjob drug addicts who are obviously dealing with the residual effects of rehab.Do you guys really want to look to Glenn Beck as a leader?
    But the bigger issue here is the pathetic idea that Conservatives are in any position to posit a sports analogy to describe Obama. Let me break it down for the moron who attempted and failed in his attempt ( I should say "swung and missed")--
    Obama is the long-relief pitcher sent in to clean up the mess that the starting pitcher left for him before he got pulled out of the game-a bases loaded situation with the winning run on second...

    But let's not kid ourselves any further because you guys aren't fooling anybody. We can see what the new talking point/ analogy is. And little wonder considering that this stems from Cheney's " not ready for the major leagues" remark. You guys don't learn do you? You really want to keep following Darth Vader's lead?
    Bring it!

  3. The inspiration of the post was Pumpsie Green, the first African-American on the Red Sox. It took Boston until 1959 to break the color barrier, and they did it with a utility infielder.

  4. Young 4-Eyes needs to watch some baseball. The closer comes in when the winning run is on second. The long reliever is the tenth man on a 10-man staff, used only in bad situations.

  5. "The inspiration of the post was Pumpsie Green, the first African-American on the Red Sox."

    Ummm, yeah....except the correct analogy would be Jackie Robinson.
    Pumpsie Green analogies need to be reserved for the likes of Michael Steele.
    That it took Boston until 1959 to break the color barrier says more about Boston than it does about Obama. I'm still confused about what the color-barrier has to do with your original post...You guys just can't get past his skin color, can you?

    And Mike, the long reliever, when the game REALLY counts,can be any pitcher on the staff( think World Series 2001).If you really knew your baseball you'd know this.
    BTW, the closer doesn't come in when the winning run is on second, he comes in beforehand, with at least a 3 run lead. Just sayin...

    Pat= not very bright.