Monday, March 30, 2009

HotMES: 'Use Discovered for Sen. McCain'

By Smitty
Monique is not a member of the Senator McCain fan club. She thinks she may have found a use for him. The Puffington Host has a convenient caption contest going on at the moment. We could, say, hijack that:
"Joe, do you really think I make a good cautionary tale? Should I have listened to Thomas Jefferson:
'In matters of style, swim with the current; In matters of principle, stand like a rock.'
"Do you think?"


  1. How about, "Hey, Joe, I haven't heard from my buddies at AIG or GM lately. Are you still on their list?"

  2. I don't understand how HotMES can talk out of both sides of her mouth like that... try to establish her bonifides in this as someone who found mccain distatsteful as a "liberal-light" ... This is someone who just last week went on a naive hippie-screed about the need for legalizing drugs in a system where the taxpayer is footing the bill for every O/D'er in every ER in the country... you'd think she'd love him. Yeah Yeah, you need the traffic, but I won't be following any more of your links to THAT particular hypocrite.