Monday, March 30, 2009

Megan McArdle: While Thy Credibility Guitar Gently Weeps

By Smitty (Hat Tip: Instapundit)
I drive a 2002 PT Cruiser, which, in a minor fit a Galtism, it's my intention to drive until POTUS 45 arrives to pick up the pieces. Yesterday saw a minor rant on this page at Megan's remark:
'On the other hand, it can hardly hurt.'
Her credibility guitar gently weeps today as she cranks up the volume:
The more I read about these plans, the more I wonder what the end game is supposed to be.
End game? You speak as if there is a conclusion in the offing. When has government ever done more than maintain things? Even when it's not the problem, government certainly isn't the solution.
The administration is acting serious: firing Wagoner, and threatening to cut off funds if Chrysler doesn't make a deal with Fiat.
No, the administration is stone cold crazy, and they lack an astrophysicist on lead.
With what money, or starry-eyed dreams of success, is GM going to attract the top talent they will need to build an industry-leading drive train? What charismatic leader is going to gut-rehab the corporate culture of a firm whose employees number in the hundreds of thousands? Companies this large are like battleships--they do not turn around on a dime. In either sense of the phrase.
Don't you think an ore freighter affords an appropriately buoyant simile?

Oddly enough, this post did not set out to be a YouTube flogging. Returning to "Chrysler doesn't make a deal with Fiat", I had wanted to refute the notion that Germans lack humor by sharing a pair of backronyms for FIAT, courtesy of mein schwiegervater:
Fehler In Allen Teilen
"Faults in all parts."
Für Italiener, Ausreichende Technik
"For Italians, adequate technology."
Wow, set out to share a couple of German jokes, and look what happens. The post went pear-shaped. Not unlike casting a ballot for a clown. But let's leave this scene of backronyms and weeping guitars with a taste of raspberry jam.


  1. Cruzers rawk! Mine's a 2003, with fake-wood siding. O how I love it!

  2. I stopped reading her blog yesterday.

  3. Megan today published a complaint about someone using the word "fascist" to -correctly- describe the economic direction Obama and Co are taking this country. Apparently the word has some negative connotations that make her rend her garments and cover herself with sackcloth. Or something; her post was fairly incoherent except for the part where she seems out of sorts when someone correctly criticizes the person for whom she voted.

  4. My longtime galpal from Mississippi refers to her Spyder as being made by "Fix It Again, Tony!"