Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crapweasel holiday for David Brooks

Tuesday is always David Brooks Fisking Day at The Other McCain, but today . . . he wasn't half bad:
Well, the president certainly acted tough on Monday. In a show of force, he released plans from his Office of People Who Are Much Smarter Than You Are. These plans insert the government into the car business in all sorts of ways. They pick winners (new C.E.O. Fritz Henderson) and losers (Rick Wagoner). They basically send Chrysler off into the sunset. Joe Biden will be doing car commercials within weeks.
So I've got no one to pound on today. Maybe that's why I'm feeling vaguely depressed. Can't pound on Ross Douthat because I swore it off for Lent. And now even Brooks won't play along. But Easter's coming soon, and one of these young punks is liable to get out of line any day now, so I'll have hope that I'll be back to punk-smacking before too long. Even if I'm not partying with Megyn Kelly at Fox Nation.

1 comment:

  1. I suggest an honest self-fisking for the multiple recent references lending credibility to the liberal revisionist "McCarthyism" bogeyman.

    Don't worry, we still love you.