Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

By Smitty
Rule 5 is off to a healthy start this Sunday. Mail bomb me at Smitty and keep it tasteful and complementary of the subject, as you so wonderfully do.
  • Monique gets top billing, for both providing Rule 5 input, and, for extra credit, seeing the subject in concert. This is a level of dedication we must respect.
  • Respect, too, for American Power's FM Saturday, with another Britney bit and a mention of this blog's 'Full Monty Joint Review' Avalanche of just yesterday.
  • House of Eratosthenes offers some vintage Lynda Carter, amidst a post lamenting her current vacuousness.
  • At the Point of a Gun skillfully blends Rule 5 with honoring the troops.
  • R5 and the Second Amendment meet powerfully in this 'clip' from Paco. Content warning: several teddy bears and piggy banks were harmed beyond recognition in the filming.
  • Kirbside knows a pleasant eye-rest when he sees one, and we appreciate him for that.
  • Pat sends some beefcake for the ladies. This may be an attempt to smooth ruffled feathers over last week's Quaid submission, but who am I to psychoanalyze?
  • Meanwhile, the Troglopundit takes great risks in his pursuit of the Clever S.Logan. Bravery? Foolhardiness? Oh, wait: what's that second photo? Safety note: Do not scroll down the page. Stop when you come to the top of the second picture frame. There is a Thing Which Shall Not Be Named lurking there. While perfectly SFW, it might crash your browser. You are warned.
  • The Elder of Ziyon brings the hot squid, (although I don't know if Israeli sailors are called 'squids' the way Americans are, or British sailors are 'limeys').
  • Mr. Jeffords contributes some excellent legs that come attached to Reese Witherspoon.
  • Meanwhile, Gharie remains committed to excellence in media, Fox News in this case.
  • Political Castaway chips in the The Most Intense Cheeseburger Commercial You Will Ever See. So good, you'd nearly have to rate it PG. Why am I suddenly craving a burger?
  • The Trackacrat contributes a picture of Famke Janssen, fretting that she may not be conservative enough. Understand: Rule 5 is all about reaching across the aisle, for purely Platonic reasons of course.
  • No Sheeples Here offers an excellent Wallace and Grommit reference, plus some additional beefcake for the ladies.
  • Bookending this post is Monique again, with Scarlett Johansson in play. This prompts some daffy SNL action for a closer:

Frequent Commenter Serr8d comes through on a couple of levels. First, we have some Carla Bruni-Sarkozy legs that are splendid examples of the form. Click through to the Times of London link, and view the G20 spouse portfolio for a healthy chuckle at the end.
Update II:
The Trackacrat suggests a Rule 5 moral hazard category. Unsure as to whether this is a good idea. We have standards around here, somewhere. Possibly under the couch cushions. Discuss.

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  1. It is a corruption of the otherwise beautiful world of Rule 5 Sunday hotties, but there's certainly plenty of scope for it with all the unfortunate looking female socialist politicians around...