Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anybody want to fisk David Brooks?

(Via Hot Air Headlines.) I'm thinking the caller on this C-SPAN segment is a liberal troll who's actually calling from Media Matters headquarters, but ignore him and focus on Brooks.

UPDATE: The Paco-Lanche:
[E]ven Brooks' facial expressions annoy me. As he sits there listening to the caller's question, his plump face congealed into a half-somnolent complacency, he puts me in mind of a fellow who's just settled down with his opium pipe and is waiting for the pleasant dreams to kick in.
Since Insty's not linking anything lately except electric cars and Chris Dodd, everybody else who links here today will be celebrated with the 'Lanche suffix.


  1. Considering the unbelievable incompetence demonstrated by our president so far, I don't see how anyone can say with a straight face how we should be rooting for him. Most of us didn't think we'd be giving up this early, but given up we have. If Brooks were honest, he'd admit he has too.

  2. If the caller was for real, he was as much an asshole as Brooks. That "black man" is president of this fine country. A little respect.

    --Daily Reader

  3. I'm sorry, I cannot tolerate reading Brooks and I cannot tolerate watching this idiot on camera -- in fact, I hope David Brooks is a figment of someone's horrible nightmare. But I have a feeling this nightmare will last at least four years.

    Now I have to go and wash out my third eye with battery acid.

    Thanks a lot, "Reach Across" McCain (the other, other McCain).

  4. Stacy, just so you know, Douthat is back on the menu. Palm Sunday ends Lent.