Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Death of the Nude Eel

by Smitty (props: Instapundit)

The Times pours forth sympathy for Gordy B.:
GORDON BROWN’S carefully laid plans for a G20 deal on worldwide tax cuts have been scuppered by an eve-of-summit ambush by European leaders.
Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, last night led the assault on the prime minister’s "global new deal" for a $2 trillion-plus fiscal stimulus to end the recession.
The same pack of clowns running the show swear (on your next paycheck) that they know how to un-frobnicate the situation. Glad that Angel Merkel, unlike our POTUS, seems to have a pair. More leaders like her, or, even gutsier, Daniel Hannan, please. Daniel's brilliant Brown bludgeoning bears repeated view and study.

Update: (via Drudge)
Brown's 1.4 trillion pound leak. I think, in British English, this is called "taking the piss".

This post's ridiculous title brought to you by Power Line.


  1. Dan is a good man and a great politician (I worked with him and the other Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament for over two years) but there is one catch - he supports President Obama:

    Still, I guess you can't have everything...

  2. @'Crat-Tracker:
    He seems to be recovering, though I only glanced briefly across his blog while subscribing.

  3. Smitty,

    With the help of massive exposure to US (conservative) media, it appears that a rethink may be underway. His support for Sen. and Pres. Obama is long-standing, but we can hope...

  4. @'Crat-Tracker:
    One can only hope that the CloudyTubes will prevent a second Dark Age. Possibly they can roll back the clock on European Liberal Fascism, which is, AFAICT, the revenge of Feudalism.