Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Have You Made Your Tea Party Plans?

by Smitty

Even if the instigator is heading someplace South, there is good Tea Party action in DC. Related Facebook group here.
If you've never protested before, consider it an investment. Consider planning to spend a significant chunk of your vacation time for the next four years telling the parade of clowns what you think of their [video has NSFW potty mouth after song]
Cocaine Decisions
Chop a line now. . .
Cocaine decisions . . .
You are a person with a snow-job
You got a fancy gotta go job
Where the cocaine decision that you make today
Will mean that millions somewhere else
Will do it your way
Cocaine decisions . . .
You are a person who is high class
You are a person not in my class
And the cocaine decision that you make today
Will mean nothing later on
When you get nose decay
I don't wanna know
'Bout the things that you pull
Outta your nose
Or where they goes
But if you are wasted
From the stuff you're stickin' in it
I get madder every day
'Cause what you do 'n' what you say
Affects my life in such a way
I learn to hate it every minute!
Cocaine decisions . . .
You are a doctor or a lawyer
You got an office with a foyer
And the cocaine decisions that you make today
Will not be discovered till it's over 'n' done
By the customers you hold at bay
Cocaine decisions . . .
You are a movie business guy
You got accountants who supply
The necessary figures
To determine when you fly
To Acapulco
Where all your friends go
Cocaine decisions . . .
We must watch the stuff you make
You have let us eat the cake
While your accountants tell you Yes Yes Yes
(How do you do it? - let me guess . . .)
Cocaine decisions . . .
Cocaine decisions . . .
Cocaine decisions . . .


  1. What symbolic non-sense made to assuage the roiled masses. Whatever happened to our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor? People today only know how imitate, but not act.

  2. @The Right Guy:
    What other Constitutional, legal, and acceptable alternative can you offer?
    Where would you start?
    What are your personal plans to _do something_?

  3. Smitty:
    Look to Sam Adams for inspiration. He was the father of the American Revolution. As far as alternatives, it depends on how far down the road this socialist experiment goes. Did the founding fathers always stick to "constitutional. and legal" means? Initially yes, eventually no. Legally, I can't endorse violence...Just as Sam et al walked the fine line. At some point, if it gets bad enough, I'll jump in. Read Eric Hoffer's True Believer... Most of these symbolic acts and movements are used to assuage the roiling masses as opposed to creating any real change. It could be a mis-direction, and honestly, I don't think anyone puts anything on the line with symbolic acts. Were the original perpetrators of the tea party doing a symbolic act? No, they weren't. Now it is time for every to go back to their Play Stations and HD TVs, drinking Coors Light. No one, including myself, is putting anything on the line like those in the Civil Rights Movement, let alone like the signers of the Declaration of Independence. So my question for you is, what do you want to accomplish?

  4. @The Right Guy:
    My main source of Sam Adams knowledge is The Glorious Cause. Wikipedia offers a rather guarded bit:
    Samuel Adams is a controversial figure in American history. Accounts written in the 19th century praised him as someone who had been steering his fellow colonists towards American independence long before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War. This view gave way to negative assessments of Adams in the first half of the 20th century, in which he was portrayed as a master of propaganda who provoked mob violence to achieve his goals. Both of these interpretations have been challenged by some modern scholars, who argue that these traditional depictions of Adams are myths contradicted by the historical record.
    The Glorious Cause sort of leaned on the negative side of this argument.
    The real point of any of the protests is communication. I'm nowhere near ready to engage in Sam Adams-style agitation. Possibly Americans should be at this point, but I'm not about to support such.

  5. Smitty:
    I kind of liked Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution by Mark Puls. You can call him a rabble rouser, but without him, I don't things would have reached critical mass. What would give me pause for fear is if things swung too much the other way and we get some reactionary despot in reaction to the socialism. I am not ready for that too. I just think it's going to take more than a few symbolic tea parties to get critical mass in our times, and certainly more than "we surround them". If we could find someone with the right combination of Thomas Jefferson (Liberty and reason), Sam Adams (agitation as you call it, I call it spark) and Theodore Roosevelt (the balls to jump in), I think we'd do well. BTW, are you playing drums in that picture?

  6. Oh, I'm all for the proper leader, someone of impeccable character who is not a demagogue.
    But the George Washington type, who wins the war and then repairs to his private property and has to be coaxed to sit as the first President, is a rare bird.
    So it's good to let the Tea brew a bit, lest we replace one car salesman with another.
    Yes, that was me on a drum kit, though my real instrument is a highland pipe.

  7. I was thinking more like scotch instead of tea. I play the drums, that is why I asked. George had the right temperament, but I always thought he was a bit of a maneuverer. Still, men like him, Jefferson, Jackson, and a few others do not exist in todays politics. We have attracted the type that sell fairy tales. Car Salesman. I love it. So which do you prefer, the 4 Square, the Ben Franklin, the Higher Authority....Thanks Smitty.