Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bikini News Roundup

Trying to make it through the long week between Rule 5 Sundays can drag you down. So we try to do what we can to keep hope alive.

Lindsay Lohan's Bahamas bikini gallery is the Eye Candy Link O' Th' Day over at Conservative Grapevine, where John Hawkins seems to have the same idea as me: Not only does Rule 5 boost traffic, but it's also a morale-booster for the troops in the war of ideas, like Bob Hope bringing Racquel Welch and Joey Heatherton along for the USO show in Saigon.

However, having recently been dubbed a "public intellectual," I now feel the obligation to provide insightful news commentary in every post, even the gratuitous babe-blogging posts. So, courtesy of Memeorandum (Rule 3!), Technorati (Rule 2!), NetRightNation, Hot Air Headlines and our blogroll, here's your daily roundup of insightful commentary:
Please note that this collection of insightful news commentary will be extended continually throughout the day, so you should refresh often. (I'm working on another project today and don't have time to create separate original posts.) So you now have the perfect excuse, guys. When your boss asks you why you're looking at Lindsay Lohan's boobs every time he walks past your cubicle, just say, "This is insightful news commentary by a public intellectual!"


  1. Not just a blogroll link, but a special top left corner shout out, which entitles me to special Rule 2 love.

  2. I loved Mark Krikorkian's story about the T.R. impersonator reprimanding McCain on immigration. I'd hate to be David Brooks and meet that guy.