Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Max Blumenthal versus ... Toby Keith?

Yeah, I'm sure this is really going to hurt Toby with the country music audience. It's not exactly an "expose" -- Toby is a known associate of that notorious bigot, Willie Nelson.

UPDATE: I see my old buddy Max has linked me, citing his own flawed reporting with a bogus "quote" from a disgruntled alcoholic former co-worker. Like I told you the first time, Max, I'm too lazy too be evil.

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  1. Its amazing how the right wing seems appeasing (almost to the point of accepting) the idea of racial lynching and its history in the south. This is one more example of it.

    Nelson may have sung the song with Kieth originally, but at least his politics are not on the side of hate, ala Keith (see spetember 11th colorful commentary, and his earleir commentary on shows like Politically Incorrect)