Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rasmussen: Obama 47%, McCain 46%

A virtual tie. Will update as soon as I can get this urge to do a vindication dance out of my system . . .

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey's not ready to dance yet, sharing Ace's worries about "the wild-eyed zealotry of Obama's cultists" (which I discussed yesterday).

Right now, I've got the radio on El Rushbo, who's mocking the idea of Obama's inevitability, which he sees as an exercise in media self-delusion.

Gallup says Obama 47%, McCain 41% -- a 6-point gap, but the third straight day of Obama's decline in their daily tracking poll. Obama's now exactly where he was on July 20. As I wrote on July 19:
The trip will be over by July 27 and, allowing three weekdays of daily tracking polls to assess the overall impact, we should have a preliminary verdict in the Gallup/Rasmussen numbers of July 31, with other polls released in the following week to verify. So, if Obama's foreign adventure succeeds, he should have a definite lead in the two tracking polls by July 31. Otherwise . . .
We now have one weekday's results in both polls, with two more to go. Let's wait until Thursday and see. So far, however, the trend is not Obama's friend.

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  1. Obama will not get more than 35 % of the popular vote, and the Dems will lose control of the House and, possibly, the Senate. All this despite McCain.