Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'A lack of serious thought' for Hillary as VP

Ooooh, feel the burn, PUMAs:
In conversations, Mr. Obama's advisers discuss Mrs. Clinton's role at the Democratic convention next month in a way that suggests they are not thinking of her arriving in Denver as Mr. Obama's running mate.
When Mr. Obama appeared Sunday on "Meet the Press" on NBC he offered a description of the kind of person he was looking for, hinting that it would not be someone who was identified strongly with Washington, a choice that would appear to leave out Mrs. Clinton.
His associates said this description reflected the lack of serious thought being given to Mrs. Clinton for the post. . . .
Mr. Obama’s aides are confident that the passions of the primary season have given way to a more pragmatic view among Mrs. Clinton’s supporters and that Mr. Obama would not risk a major backlash from women or other constituencies associated with her if the vice presidential slot goes to someone else.
Rule of thumb for Democrats: Whenever you read a sentence beginning "Mr. Obama's aides are cconfident that . . ." you should beware of whatever follows.

Prediction: If Obama picks anyone but Hillary as his running mate, disastrous results will follow. Team Clinton will not sit idly by while Obama steals the Democratic Party from them. Do you really think that John Edwards scandal was an accident? Are you stupid? No, they made an example out of him -- kind of a warning shot across the bow of the SS Obama.

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  1. Your accusation of Hillary as the NE's driver in the Edwards affair is interesting, but doesn't really answer the mail: do you think it's pure propaganda, or is the Edwards affair an actual scandal?
    I suppose, as a lawyer, he'd be suing the NE if there wasn't a factual basis.