Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gratuitous pinup eye candy

This was the art at Pirate's Cove Sunday roundup, which included a link to me. And since I'm already "the Winston Churchill of patriarchal oppressors," I figure my fellow swine wouldn't mind a little cheesecake.

UPDATE: What is it with redheads in classic pinups? Redheads, redheads, redheads. Were there simply more redheads in the '50s, or were there just more redhead models? Ain't complaining, just noticing.


  1. Maybe if more women ceased subverting their sexuality, e.g., femininity, which is in part expressed by this pin-up (observe, for instance, the absence of tats, piercings & other forms of male instigated mutilations & the presence of clothing complimentary to the female form (in lieu of puritan garb (aka grunge)--also a male invention)), and quit writing about issues "relevant" to their "gender" (emotionalism, collectivism & self-sacrifice (to the cause)), more readers would read them.

    IOW, if more women bloggers displayed independent reasonng, perhaps more readers would take them seriously.

  2. Why more redhead pinups? I think it's a fantasy thing. Real redheads are rare in the world, at least compared to blondes and brunettes, so the pinup artist simply wanted to draw a fantasy woman. I wish more of the artists had drawn their redheads with freckles. Lots and lots of freckles.

  3. it's that whole business about redheads being more scintillating, more unhinged, in the sack.

    surprised you weren't aware of that.

    - from a mommy blogger

  4. have u seen this-