Monday, July 28, 2008

PUMA turns McCainiac

You knew it had to happen sooner or later:

(Via AmSpecBlog.) Kicked out for opposing Hope:
Debra Bartoshevich, the duly elected Democratic Party delegate for Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin who vowed undying loyalty to the former first lady, has been dumped by the state party and barred from attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver next month.
Associated Press on the (un)Democratic Party:
The Wisconsin party's administrative committee voted 23-0 to strip Debra Bartoshevich of her status as a delegate to the Denver convention next month.
Bartoshevich, 41, was pledged to Hillary Rodham Clinton. But when the New York senator suspended her campaign in June after Illinois Sen. Barack Obama clinched a majority of delegates, Bartoshevich told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that she would support Arizona Sen. McCain.
On Friday, state committee members agreed that Bartoshevich had lost her privilege to be one of the state's 92 delegates because of her comments and her affiliation with Citizens for McCain, a branch of his campaign designed to recruit independents and Democrats.
So much for all that yadda-yadda from progressives about the right to patriotic dissent! Ed Morrissey corrects the record on how Obama has "clinched" the nomination:
Obama has not won sufficient delegates to capture the nomination. Neither he nor Hillary Clinton could reach that point, but Obama has enough pledges from superdelegates to win the nomination, if they don't change their minds. Hillary's supporters want a floor vote in Denver with enough debate to give superdelegates an opportunity to rethink their pledges, but so far the Obama campaign has managed to put a stop to it.
How long before liberals start denouncing Ms. Bartoshevich -- the erstwhile Democrat in good standing -- as a racist?

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  1. That last part about denouncing her as a racist is what bugs me the most about the clinton/obama race. I haven't become a mccain supporter yet, like the rest of my family (who all voted for obama in the primary), but I am willing to ponder it. I just can't believe this: I've waited four years to be able to vote the republicans out of office and might end up voting *for* one instead because every criticism of obama leads to charges of racism, which to a non-racist is equal to calling a black person the-n-word.