Friday, August 1, 2008

Evil racist attack ad

Please watch this ad from the McCain campaign and see if you can spot the hateful message:

Yeah. Me, neither. Nor could any reasonable person see "hate" in that ad. Britney, Paris, Obama -- celebrities, famous for being famous -- an ad obviously intended to raise the question of whether Obama (who's only been in the Senate since 2005) has the experience needed to lead the country in this difficult time of crisis at home and abroad.

Yet somehow, the media see a racist message. Why? Well, because the Obama campaign told them the message is there. See, in case you didn't notice, Britney and Paris are both Caucasians, and because Obama's father was Kenyan, this proves that the GOP is being mentored by the departed spirit of Theodore Bilbo ... or something like that.

It's absurd beyond words, a paranoid delusion, a martydom complex on the part of Democrats who (a) insisted on a very inexperienced liberal as their presidential nominee and then (b) cry "racism" the minute Republicans point out that he is ... a very inexperienced liberal. But since it is apparently "racism" to depict Obama in the vicinity of any white female, what are they going to do about this hatemongering image?

Why, it's practically an outtake from "Mandingo"!

UPDATE: Another hateful attack:
I think he could put his entire energy policy on the back of a cocktail napkin with plenty of room for his foreign policy left over.
This is obviously racism. Where do we find cocktail napkins? In bars. And why do guys go to bars? To pick up women. Hint, hint. The racism is subliminal, but it's there. It's got to be. Because the only reason anyone ever criticizes Obama is racism.

UPDATE II: First it was cocktail napkins, now it's "beer goggles"! Oh, these evil racists are everywhere, I tell you . . .


  1. It is bizarre that anyone could find it racist - I suppose if I tried hard enough I could hark back to the 'Where the White Women At?' craze of a few years ago, but that's a real stretch.

    I do think Obama's comment on the ad is much more to the point. Paraphrasing only slightly he said "Paris and Britney? Really? That's the best you can do?"

  2. Eh? When did Obama call this ad racist? He used a line that he had used three times the day before the ad first aired and first used over a month ago with no cry of "RACE CARD!!!", but before people have time to remember the campaign run against Harold Ford, Jr. in '06 and notice a definite similarity, whether intentional or not, McCain's camp is OUTRAGED that the first black presumptive nominee for POTUS has said that people will be talking about his funny name or noting that he is black. You don't have to be terribly observant to notice that 95% of the Obama/Osama mix-ups and usages of his middle name come from Fox News or to see them use tag lines referencing "Obama's Baby Mama" or "terrorist fist jabs". "They" have already begun to shape these attacks against Obama, so he is not exactly coming out of left field to try and address them head on. He never referenced McCain, and he wasn't talking about this silly ad as being racist, but anyone who was alive in 2004 knows that you will need to defend yourself from attacks from multiple sources other than the campaign itself. What should he do? Just say, well, McCain didn't say that I am a Muslim and getting endorsed by terrorists and that there's a video of my wife talking about whitey, so I guess I can't talk about my race. It definitely wasn't a factor in my primaries in WV and Kentucky, so I guess I won't address it. I guess that means no one gets to be offended by Rev. Wright or Ludacris, right? I mean, they aren't part of the Obama campaign so they shouldn't be an issue, right?

  3. Your analysis of the situation is way too broad and generalized and from reading other entries of your blog, that is obviously your strategy. You say "the media see a racist message" but it's just one guy who is affiliated with ABC. And your proof that "the Obama campaign told them the message is there" is backed up by some other random blog. If these are the rules then I guess I can say all bloggers are conniving spreaders of propaganda, using generalities and unproven "facts" to back up their wrongful and harmful messages. (hey that sounds like Fox News). I can back this claim up by your blog and the Ace of Spades blog you link. I have more references, I win.