Monday, July 28, 2008

Little Miss Attila offers to make me a %$&#ing sandwich

In exchange for gin. There's an important lesson here for you ladies: Never let your feminist principles stand between you and a free martini.

Little Miss Attila: A Role Model of True Empowerment!

(And once again, I ask: What is it with redheads in classic pinup art?)


  1. Furthermore, I'd be willing to match you 1:1, sammiches for martinis--your choice of filling. Roast beef, peanut butter, turkey, ham & cheese, egg salad, tuna.

    One caveat: as the evening wears on, the sammiches may start to look a bit more avante-garde, and less architecturally stable. That's just the nature of . . . sammiches.

    --Joy/LIttle Miss Attila

  2. Oh no...

    The Feminists are outraged again:

    Feminists cry foul over Fat Princess