Saturday, August 2, 2008

Site Meter issue reported

Little Green Footballs reports that Site Meter is causing error messages in Internet Explorer 7. I am going to remove Site Meter from the page until the problem is corrected.

UPDATE: It's fixed now, and so the Site Meter has been restarted but not before costing me (a) whatever number of actual visits were lost due to people using IE7 and being unable to access the site, before I removed Site Meter, then (b) about eight hours' worth of uncounted traffic while Site Meter was uninstalled.

As bad as that is, far worse (from my perspective) is that I was unable to "read" my traffic and know who was linking me, which links were driving traffic, etc. Repetitively checking Site Meter my be some kind of pathological obsession, but it's also the only way I can know whether my promotion efforts (e.g., sending Ace yet another e-mail desperately begging him pretty-please to link me, promising to set him up with College Republican chicks who dig the Ewok look) are working.


  1. I had have the same problem on my site

    Took me awhile to figure out the problem as the site was working in firefox and was not working in internet explorer. I started pulling html and scripts off my site to eliminate the problem, took me about an hour or two and after pulling the sitemeter script off my site is when my site started to work again. It also appears the sitemeter site itself is not working in internet explorer but wirks in firefox only. Only thing I could think of is perhaps some wanna be hacker injected in a code on sitemeters website and is causing the issue...hard to say though exactly what is going on but i would be careful using or visiting sitemeter until they have this issue resolved.

  2. In addition to above I would like to add aside from sitemeter having an issue and some thinking it could be caused from attempted hack on sitemeter but it could also be due to compatibility issues with the script.