Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gallup: Obama 45%, McCain 44%

Holy freaking kamoley -- Obama's lead has slipped by 8 points since Sunday! Just wait until the MSM backseat drivers see this. I can see the headlines already:
HOPE (1961-2008) R.I.P
Getting hard to stay in the No-Gloat Zone.

Will update as further gloating develops ....

UPDATE: I'll let Allah do the gloating for me:

The usual caveat that it’s still too early to read much into any of these still applies, but surely they mean something given (a) the sky-high expectations for Obamamania coming out of the primary, (b) the Democrats’ huge generic advantage this year, (c) the fact that Republicans traditionally trail by a decent margin at this point in the campaign, and (d) most bizarrely, the conventional wisdom that McCain’s had an exceedingly crappy 10 days or so of campaigning.

Folks, excuse my self-congratulatory glee, but I called this one from Day One:

Have a laugh with Dave Letterman:

That's TV: Total Vindication!

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  1. "HOPE (1961-2008) R.I.P"

    I know I'm going to quote you on this forever! :P I love your blog.