Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Veep rumors du jour

It's Kaine, not Hillary, for the Democrats, and Pawlenty for the GOP. Allah sez:
His working-class pedigree is all to the good, but between the lack of name recognition and the "boring old Republican white guy" effect, I'm underwhelmed. He doesn't even have serious religious cred to reassure antsy evangelicals. Let's hope the report's wrong, although given the general savviness of McCain's campaign these days, it probably isn't.
If naming Pawlenty as running mate could paint Minnesota red in November, that would be good, but my fellow 'Tators hope the Pawlenty rumor is bogus. Why sweat over mere rumors? Given the tone-deaf ineptitude of the Republican Party lately, I'm surprised we haven't heard Dan Quayle's name in the mix.

Meanwhile, I'm reasonably sure there is no truth to the rumor that the Democratic Party has employed a Haitian voodoo practicioner to attempt resurrecting Tom Eagleton as a zombie running mate for Obama. (Hey, Missouri's a swing state, too.)

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