Wednesday, July 30, 2008

'The World's Biggest Celebrity'

A razor-sharp message from Team McCain:

Allah sez:
This is the third ad in nine days to spoof the cult of Obama but the first one to employ it to any useful end, pairing it with the shots of celebutante nitwits to make him look like a “famous for being famous” lightweight . . .
As I explained at AmSpecBlog, this ad should be seen in the context of the "all about Obama" strategy -- an idea I credit to Patrick Ruffini. It's also in line with the new aggressive strategy Maverick showed last week, for which Steve Schmidt seems to be responsible.

UPDATE: Just in case you missed this:
You May Have Jumped The Shark If . . . .
. . . you begin telling people about your own "symbolic importance."
. . . Washington Post columnists start mocking you as the "presumptuous nominee."
. . . your recent poll trend could be interpreted as a net loss of 19 points in 38 days.
And we have more evidence today that Obama's Trend Is Not His Friend.

UPDATE II: You May Have Jumped The Shark If . . . your campaign staff calls Ludacris "a talented individual" in the process of throwing him under the bus:

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