Monday, July 28, 2008

Teens riot in North Carolina mall

I just saw this headline at the Drudge Report and -- in my haste to bring you the breaking news -- haven't yet had time to read the story. I suppose it's middle-school girls upset that tickets sold out for the Miley Cyrus tour. Either that, or unruly preppies showing their disappointment that Izod shirts still haven't been marked down for clearance.

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  1. Yeah, these are some really "preppy" names.

    According to Sughrue and arrest warrants, those arrested are:

    * Tyrell Eugene Brantley, 18, 1609 E. Lenoir St., charged with inciting a riot and disorderly conduct, $5,000 bond;

    * Darryl Anthony Bobbitt, 18, 1411 E. Lenoir St., charged with inciting a riot, second-degree trespassing and resisting an officer, $5,000 bond;

    * Christopher James Gamble, 17, 4031 Northstone Drive, Apt. 102, charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, and inciting a riot, $35,000 bond;

    * Laquavis O'Neal Jordan, 16, 1701 E. Lenoir St., charged with inciting a riot; released on $5,000 bond;

    * Ricky Ladd Williams, 16, 3321-101 Quail Ridge Road, charged with inciting a riot; engaging in an affray; held on $10,000 bond;

    * Javonnie Nicholson, 16, 512 Bradkin Court, charged with inciting a riot, misdemeanor assault on a law enforcement officer, second-degree trespassing, $7,000 bond.