Thursday, July 31, 2008

'This big honking zephyr of lies'

Thus does my longtime blog buddy Joe describe St. Hopey:
Clinton had to deal with his bimbo eruptions . . . but Obama’s achilles heel is even more in the theme of classic tragedy: HE himself is the bimbo, the nitwit, the increasingly obvious fraud. . . .
It is not even August, and the mainstream media is tanking and desperately hungry, and they can only hate McCain a little bit, and the Obama campaign is this big honking zephyr of lies.
(Zephyr = west wind, i.e., hot air.) I've been doing a lot of back-and-forth, both blogwise and via e-mail, with reporters and commentators who concluded sometime in February that Obama is unbeatable.

Well, nobody is unbeatable, and my annoyance at this Conventional Wisdom has been growing ever since March, when I first went to cover Hillary in Pennsylvania and saw firsthand the "when-is-she-going-to-quit" attitude of the elite media. Here she was, basking in the cheers and applause of more than 1,000 enthusiastic supporters, and the "traveling press" was just waiting for the post-rally "availability" when they could ask her that all-important question: "Hey, you bitter old loser, why don't you pack it in and go back to your coven?" (I exaggerate their phrasing only slightly, and exaggerate their attitude not at all.)

The elite MSM geniuses brought this arrogant know-it-all attitude with them into the general election campaign. They know the outcome already, they've already composed in their minds the "Triumph of Hope" ledes they'll file as soon as the polls close on Nov. 4, and they're getting angry and peevish because John McCain and the GOP won't roll over and play dead.

Ah, but Joe senses the Newtonian equal-and-opposite effect. The MSM geniuses are about to start getting angry at Obama for not living up to their imagined scenarios of how he'd crush those evil Republicans like so many grapes beneath the feet of a Sicilian vintner's daughter.

If Obama starts sliding in the polls, he's going to be like a guy at the steering wheel of a vanload of backseat drivers, with the MSM geniuses endlessly second-guessing his every move, and the likes of Keith Olbermann and David Gregory wondering aloud what the hell is wrong with his campaign. There is nothing more beautiful to behold than the sight of Conventional Wisdom crumbling at it's first collision with reality.
UPDATE: The grumbling from the MSM's backseat drivers has already begun.

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