Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sarah Palin on the Military

by Smitty (h/t Atlas Shrugs)

Here is a great big little secret:
all of the things that the Left and the media honestly want to say about Barack, they say about Sarah.


  1. Never heard the word "Uh" throughtout the whole speech.

    Heard a lot of "Shining city on the Hill" talk though.

  2. McCain(J not Stacy) and his clandestine(almost) assassins have been stabbing her in the back for 7.5 months. She's bleeding, no question, but she must be part Scotch, she is still fightin! Gopd bless her and god D*** J McCain and his buddies in the MSM!

    Rod Stanton
    Cerritos, Cal

  3. I think your secret is spot on: I've been thinking lately that Palin really is the anti-Obama, and that is what scares the Left and the elitists. We could start a list of things about her:

    1. Comes from a working-class family (mostly still intact, I believe)
    2. A championship athlete in HS (a REAL basketball player, unlike the POTUS)
    3. Did NOT graduate from an Ivy League school
    4. Won elections WITHOUT the help of powerful patrons, or getting opponents thrown off ballots
    5. Pro-life and walks the walk!
    6. Working stiff not just as a politician; still works in the family business (fishing)
    7. Pro-America
    8. Pro-Israel
    9. Pro-military
    10. Pro gun-rights
    11. Doesn't care what the elites think of her (this might be her truly unforgivable sin; I think this is one of the reasons GWB was so scorned by the MSM also).

  4. It was a good, short & sweet speech that honored the military. Being a vet myself I appreciate her desire to honor the military any chance that she gets.

  5. I was at this picnic. It was wonderful ! I was lucky enough to be able to snap over 100 pic from about 10 feet. She was awesome to everyone. Handed out hotdogs, signed everything you can imagine (cell phones, skateboards, hands, etc) to folks from all over the country.

    Gotta love her !

  6. Interesting observation. I was just thinking about this a few minutes ago when I heard Geraldo question whether or not folks will take Sarah Palin seriously because of her use of Twitter... Mmmmm, wasn't Obama's use of the Internet to reach out to folks one of the things that made him SO uber-cool and relevant a few months ago?

  7. @S.Logan,
    The abject fear might be funny, was it not so pitiful.

  8. The media wants to say President Obama is a quitter who can't speak in coherent sentences, doesn't know which countries make up North America, doesn't know what the Bush doctrine is, is too stupid & lazy to read any newspaper, and constantly blames the media when he screws up? .. yeah... they're all thinking that.

    Please continue to cling the Palin the way you have to Limbaugh, Bush and Cheney. The rightwing deserves to have the dumbest of the dumb at the helm.

  9. @Chris Farlowe,
    Actually, I'm against Palin clingery: I think this elevation of personality over principle is among the foundational ills of our current political decay.
    What was so cheerfully mis-named 'Progress' is merely a precursor for tyranny, as our agonies are built to the point where only the federal government, led by Some Anointed Person (SAP) can cure what ails us.
    Any threat to SAP must be destroyed utterly, no matter how cheap the means.
    Thank you for underscoring my point, sir.

  10. I think folks like Chris would do better to worry less about whether Sarah Palin is up to being president and more about whether the president is up to being president.

  11. before Gore kneelSun Jul 26, 07:21:00 PM

    Obots, such as Farlowe, like their uber-liberal predecessors always assign stupidity to conservative standard bearers.

    In their minds, the predictability of someone with a moral compass, patrotism, and a grasp of competitive capitalism, is sufficient to dismiss their leadership for any welfare-spouting fraud that saunters down the pike.

    But what really frightens them, scares them to death really, is that they know in their heart of hearts that their Leader is as despised by our service people as Sarah is embraced. He might have command but he's lost before he begins. (Save perhaps in fomenting riot; we'll see how this latest teaching moment festers.) Unfortunately our country's enemies all know this as well and are acting upon it.