Friday, July 24, 2009

Dan, come back! We love you, man!

A universally acknowledged genius of the blogosphere, Dan Collins of POWIP seems to be having an existential crisis of some sort.

Trust me, Dan, we've all been through this. We're here to help.

As the founder of Chopped Liver Anonymous -- the mutual support group for bloggers who didn't get invited to speak at next month's RightOnline conference in Pittsburgh -- I can assure you, healing begins once we admit the truth: Our blogging sucks.

How bad does it suck? Like Andrew Sullivan at the annual Provincetown BearFest.

Just try to stay strong, Dan. Just because the clueless greedheads who fund the Republican Party are throwing bushels of cash at Tucker Carlson, just because Erik Telford is jealous of your righteous blog-fu, doesn't mean you are a total waste of pixels like Freddie de Boer.

Why, look at me: Even though I got viciously dissed by Erik Telford, they love me in Virginia, and I'll be speaking Saturday at the Liberty 101 conference in Richmond.

So there is hope, you see, once you confront and confess your utter blog suckage.


  1. How bad does it suck? Like Andrew Sullivan at the annual Provincetown BearFest.

    Well, that's definitely quote of the day.

  2. Stop linking to Tucker's website until it goes live - early in the Palin administration.

  3. Hi, I'm Red and my blog sucks. Whew!

  4. hi - I'm Enoch, an Aries. I enjoy water polo and stamp collecting. And the only reason anyone is forced to see anything I write is that my brother, out of pity, has included me among the bloggers at POWIP. But for the record, I am the suckiest.

  5. The nerve of him. Just when I started reading it daily, too.

  6. Dan's blog is first-rate, and I think it's building momentum.

    And Enoch's not sucky--for instance, he doesn't rely on merely typing "BOOBS!" nearly as often as he used to.

    Darn it.