Friday, July 24, 2009

NEW GOP SEX SCANDAL? Latino Politician Gets 'Sticky Fingers' With
Female Right-Wing Journalist!

Don't you hate it when the MSM make a scandal out of something perfectly innocent like Marco Rubio's "posh hotel" rendezvous with Jillian Bandes?
Marco Rubio has sticky fingers, and he wants to rinse them off.
"Some of the pancake syrup got on my hands, I'll be right back," he told me in the lobby of his posh Dupont Circle hotel in Washington, D.C. just after breakfast.
Maybe he should've kept his sticky fingers. After all, the Florida House Speaker might have to go to some extraordinary lengths to get the cash he needs after the release of his latest fundraising numbers: he came in at $340,000, compared to his rival Gov. Charlie Crist's $4.3 million. . . .
Read the whole sticky thing.


UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter who directed me to this July 8 video of an MSNBC appearance in which Jillian drove Jane Hamsher into paroxysms of seething rage:

Not that it is difficult to drive Jame Hamsher into seething rage, but didn't Jillian look cute doing it?

Hey, Jillian, what's up with the blond curls? Last time I saw you, your hair was auburn red and straight.


  1. I fell in love with Jillian Bandes because of this video.
    She angers Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher by daring to refute with Jane's talking points.
    It is amusing to Jane's outrage and invoking absolute moral authority to speak on health care issues because she is a breast cancer survivor

  2. [cue the Stones...specifically (what else?) "Brown Sugar"]

  3. Corrections to previous post.
    refute Jane's talking points.
    amusing to see Jane's outrage
    Looks like Jillian Bandes was also on MSNBC today. She still has the blond curls.
    No fireworks this time.