Thursday, July 23, 2009

Perhaps a chart would've helped

by Smitty (h/t Drudge)

Boston University professor of politics Thomas Whalen:
Unfortunately, the racial divide is still there. It's still very raw. I think he was trying to let the majority of non-minority Americans have a sense of what it is like to a black or Latino," said Boston University professor of politics Thomas Whalen.

In unofficial draft remarks plucked ex nihilo, he continued:
Additionally, there is a greater-than-zero likelihood that this racial divide could multiply the minority of non-majority Americans subtracted from the other group feeling, somehow, less than the unequal subset of disenfranchised Uighurs left adrift thanks to Bush policies.

No, really, Mr. Whalen: the racial divide is still there. Because the positions and careers of so many are predicated upon maintaining that divide.

When societal leaders pursue a humble, conciliatory, not-trying-to-get-my-fifteen-minutes course, then we can set about decreasing the divide, and perhaps close the gap. Think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose legacy falls short of advancement thanks to this silliness.

For those who are actually on the receiving end of abuse, the heart goes out to you: your legitimate cause isn't even slightly helped by the likes of Professor Gates and the POTUS.


  1. "Think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose legacy falls short of advancement thanks to this silliness."

    Thank you. I'll start taking more minorities seriously when they stop trying to play 'the card'.

  2. I second Red! I lived through the civil rights movement and those people would be aghast and ashamed to see how their brothers and sisters in color are acting.

  3. I absolutely believe it is a race issue. One was blue and the other was not. Police are out of control. You can go to Radley Balko's website if you want more about how the professionalism of the Police has collapsed in the last decade. Today the Union came out and demanded an apology from the President and the Gov of Mass. how disrespectful can you get. The police act they are at war with the very citizens they protect, but you would never, ever find the military talking back to the president like that. I really dislike Obama too. I hate all of his policies. I guess that is why we have the best military in the world and the worst police. Because the military is accountable and the police are not. The blue wall of silence and police unions make sure the regular police don't answer to anyone.

  4. The most pressing issue with the Gates arrest is not race, but the fraudulent “disorderly conduct” charge. Unfortunately many people, including those who are unsympathetic to police abuse, are glossing over this issue because Gates was allegedly belligerent in dropping the race card (of even course this comes entirely from the word of the arresting officers, and we all know that police reports are always 100% honest and truthful).

    But so what if Gates was belligerent? IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO BE RUDE TO A COP! It’s not the wisest thing to do either since cops are prone to violent retaliatory outbursts, but there is NOTHING illegal about being rude to a cop, arguing with a cop, or even insulting a cop to his face. The federal courts have actually held that it is even protected political speech to flip the bird at a cop.

    Again, I’d never advise anyone to do it, but it is not illegal and Gates, even if he did the very worst that is alleged of him, did absolutely nothing illegal…but he was arrested anyway on a frivolous “disorderly conduct” charge on his own front porch. That false and frivolous arrest is the real issue here, and it proves that as far as the law is concerned Sergeant Crowley was absolutely 100% in the wrong. Period. End of story.

    I personally don’t care how many racial sensitivity courses he’s taught or how many black basketball players Crowley performed CPR on 16 years ago. Those are red herrings tossed out to divert from the real issue that he falsely arrested an innocent man for allegedly being “uppity” to him. Any police officer who responds to a mild alleged insult about his “mama” by trumping up a completely false arrest charge is unfit to serve and should be immediately fired.