Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bankruptcy doesn't stop GM from
doing what it does best: Lobbying

They're laying off factory workers by the thousands, but GM's doing just fine down on K Street:
General Motors reduced its lobbying spending in the second quarter by only 1.4% compared to the first quarter, even though the second quarter saw the company go bankrupt, be taken over by the government, and announce it was cancelling its outside lobbying contracts.
In April, May, and June, GM spent $2,760,000 on lobbying according to its Q2 lobbying filing, compared to $2,800,000 in the first quarter.
But isn't this a case now of one branch of the government lobbying another branch? Does that incestuous relationship have anything to do with ChevroGay?

Exit question: Are these GM lobbyists among those "jobs saved or created" that Obama keeps telling us about?

UPDATE: Interesting thought:
Can we expect General Motors to thrive based upon the record of the Federal Government’s handling of the Post Office and Amtrak? Already, Congress and the UAW are trying to micromanage this auto manufacturer by dictating which plants can be closed, where cars will be built, as well as preventing the dropping of unprofitable dealerships. American taxpayers will be paying for the losses of this corporation for many years to come.
Speaking of the Post Office, people who think profit, greed and capitalism are the root of all evil need to explain why "going postal" is a synonym for homicidal rage.

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