Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peggy Noonan, 'Rapidly Aging Shrew'?

So says my friend Joe at NovaTownhall, who's riffing off Ace, who's linking something about Sarah Palin.

Aren't we all "rapidly aging"? Is Peggy's presence on the cusp of dowager/crone status really relevant to her attacks on Palin? Can anyone think of a better insult for Noonan, one that doesn't imply a general disdain for all Women Of A Certain Age? Because there are plenty of women Noonan's age who still have teh sexy.


  1. Totally agree Stacy.

    How about: 'mealy-mouthed squish with a lava lamp philosophy'?

  2. As a conservative who has tired (unsuccessfully) to figure out what on Earth Sarah Palin stands for besides "reform" and family values, I am glad to see someone like Noonan openly questioning why people think she is the next big thing. Our movement can do better.

  3. How about: "I liked her better when she was smart."

  4. Considering her willowy prose which she substitutes for actual wisdom, I'd rather refer to her as a "menopausal F. Scott Fitzgerald wannabe." But I'm open to other suggestions.

  5. Okay, how about "gracefully aging shrew"?

  6. I stand corrected; I am a cad. If I had been thinking clearly I would have framed her as simply "aging shrew" without the hyperbole.

    Adverbs shall be my undoing.

  7. Are you guys ever going to get over your resentment of Noonan for having recognized the truth about Sarah Palin while you were trying to drown yourselves in the Kool Aid?

    I bet she's classy enough to forgive your ignorance, intransigence, bellicosity and rudeness if you do.

  8. The OED defines 'shrew' as 'scolding woman'. Mz. Noonan is too mild and calm in her speechifying and writing to be defined as a shrew.

    I also object to the word 'aging'. Some aged women are like a fine wine [mellow and comforting and mature (Ex: Ann Margret)], others turn into vinegar [Michelle and Hillary].

    I still stand by my description above.