Sunday, February 1, 2009

'Unpopular ideas'

"There's no point in being a postmodern conservative if you can't say nice things about unpopular ideas."


  1. "postmodern conservative"? Oxymoron of the day. Let my VDH quote stub out this smoldering blunt:
    History tells all of us that nobody gets a pass. Your [country's]
    perpetual existence is not guaranteed. If you do not believe in
    yourself, and believe that you're better than the alternative, and
    have the educational skills to come to that empirical judgment, then
    there is no reason for you to continue, and often you won't.
    Davis Hanson

    For a humorous take on the stillborn nature of postmodernism, read this.

  2. Smitty: Helen Rittelmeyer is good people. She's a pro-Palin conservative with a diploma from Yale, and as scarce as such people are, they need to be cherished.

  3. @RSM:
    I'll read her stuff and enjoy it.
    If you caught SNL last night, they had a fake ad for Chewable Pampers that is a splendid metaphor for the kind of inferior thinking currently in circulation. "Freedom from fear" is the Chewable Pampers version of freedom the founders fought and died for.
    I'm betting, based upon your endorsement, that Helen Rittelmeyer is no RINO, and grasps the distinction.

  4. Ok, I was a little confused by the previous anti-Palin post there, Bob,
    We have to stick to first principles Santayana informed us; "Those who do not learn from history, are condemned
    to repeat it" One of the major flaws in Culture 11