Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Attention, Doug Kmeic

Let a real pro-lifer tell you something:
Obama has promised to sign a measure called the Freedom of Choice Act, which would eliminate virtually every federal, state and local measure that limits or restricts abortion.
That means no restrictions on public funding of abortion, no parental-involvement or informed-consent requirements, and a re-emergence of partial-birth abortion.
There’s no reason to doubt Obama's promise; his pro-abortion voting record and policy positions pave the way for him to sign such legislation into law.
But don’t count the pro-life movement down and out. It has withstood devastating Supreme Court rulings and pro-abortion presidents before. And it will again.
Doug Kmiec, traitor. "No serious pro-lifer that I know has followed him into the Obama camp, and for good reason." Here's a "serious pro-lifer," Charmaine Yoest:

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  1. The term "serious" and Kmiec should not be allowed in the same sentence...

    This man (who briefly worked at the tail end of the Reagan administration as an insignificant underling) has somehow been invested with authority and credibility, in order to counter act Roman Catholic who actually adhere to the magisterium (like Steele) and is in allegiance with the Bishop of Rome!

    To contemplate that this shrill is actually on some short list, in terms of being Amb. to the Holy See, is repugnant beyond belief...

    The new rumor is it will be "I want to thank President Obama" Rooney, LMAO