Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Palin: 'We don't need no stinkin' stimulus!'

Well, something like that:
Governor Sarah Palin again today expressed her serious concerns with President Obama’s proposed stimulus package. In a joint letter sent to Alaska's congressional delegation, Governor Palin, House Speaker Mike Chenault and Senate President Gary Stevens cautioned that unrestrained spending, initiation of new programs that the states may be asked to continue after the federal stimulus is gone, and the borrowing of hundreds of billions of dollars to pay for it may result in serious economic problems in the future.
Governor Palin recently traveled to the nation's capital to personally express her concerns with the stimulus package with business, economic and political leaders. The trip was not an effort to endorse or lobby for the current stimulus package now before Congress.
"I agree with the decision of Senator Murkowski and Congressman Young to vote NO on the package," Governor Palin said.
Hmmm. "Libertarian Populism"? "It Won't Work"? "The Bible vs. the Bailout"? Nah, she'd have to actually be able to "read and write" to know anything about that stuff. Certainly those "ordinary barbarians" at Conservatives4Palin don't go in for any of that fancy high-falutin' book learnin' crap.

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