Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan!

Video via Young America's Foundation, and here I am at the Reagan Ranch in June 2007, with that exact same fence in the background.

I was in Santa Barbara for the 20th anniversary of the "Tear Down This Wall" speech, and got an A1 exclusive interview with Peter Robinson, who wrote that speech. The story was Drudge-linked.

(That spiteful twerp Birnbaum has removed my byline from the story in the TWT online archive, although anyone with Nexis can discover who wrote it. This is not personal, Jeff -- it's professional, since you also removed my byline from Reagan obituary. Before you set out to deprive a man of credit for his work, you ought to take an estimate of the man whose reputation you've chosen to attack.)

Excuse the digression into contemplation of vengeance. On a more appropriate note of Reaganesque optimism, JR at Conservatives4Palin says, "What's that Mr. President? You want us to go out there in 2012 and "win just one more for the Gipper?" . . . You betcha!"

UPDATE: Philip Klein recalls when Robert Kennedy debated Reagan in 1967 -- and got his butt kicked.

The premiere of the new Reagan documentary Rendezvous With Destiny is tonight at the Kennedy Center. It's going to be SRO. They actually had to rescind invitations because they got too many RSVPs.


  1. I doubt that any other President in the last 30 years could handle a chain saw like that.

    (proof read and even slowly read out loud to make sure there were no typos)

  2. My God, that English dude asking the questions would be quite at home in the media today, wouldn't he? Who is it? Is he still around?

  3. Good question, Deuce Geary.

    Robert, who is that Engish dude?

  4. Have you ever wondered what Norman Bates would have been like if his mother had married a British communist?

    The hostile Brit by the name of Jeff Jordan apparently wasn´t a journalist but one of a group of students (representatives of different countries) who were allowed to submit questions.

    Goes to show that anti-American hysteria wasn´t invented in 2001 and is fully compatible with a Democrat in the White House.

  5. I don't see the butt-kicking of RFK. I though both he and Reagan (RFK got much more time) gave it right back to 'em.