Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Charlie Martin on 'technological hooey'

While I was consumed by flame wars and the RNC election over the weekend, Charlie Martin published a necessary debunking of a meme promoted by the Washington Post. Read it. Charlie's good people.


  1. As a taxpayer I say load the Whitehouse computers with a bare bones Linux and tell 'em all to get back to work.

    But then if these are all Ombamanites, maybe they should spend more time on facebook.

  2. Tim O’Reilly, who really should know better, put it as “Transparent gov FTW” (in English, “transparent government ‘for the win‘”);

    First day, new eyes. I had always expanded FTW as something akin to Forget The World.
    Then again, I mostly boot Gentoo Linux, so I clearly have my problems.