Tuesday, February 3, 2009

'There is a marked tendency for heterosexual men to be interested in women'

Says Donald Douglas, quoting Little Miss Attila, in a discussion of "family values" in the blogosphere. (Just as there is a marked tendency of heterosexual women to be interested tanned, lean men in Speedos.)

I believe the original context for LMA's remark was the hotness of Sarah Palin. Some women (hello, Kathleen Parker) are not sufficiently secure with themselves and therefore are compelled to project their insecurities onto people of whom they are secretly jealous. Other people are repressed old fuddy-duddies (or worse, young fuddy-duddies) and are offended by reference to the fact of hotness.

I am an objective journalist and, as such, cannot suppress or ignore objective facts. So if somebody's hot, they're hot, and for me to pretend otherwise would be a violation of professional ethics. Discuss among yourselves.


  1. Ha ... "excuse post" for linking to tan-lean men in speedos!

    Touche! And hot too, from a hetero guy's perspective, NTTAWWT of course!

  2. What?? No pictures of Christina Hendricks? :-(

  3. Perhaps you are misinterpreting the data.

    Isn't it just possible, that heterosexual men are interested in women - because of sexist cultural baggage?

    I mean, many men have a mother - that was attracted to at least one man, and so has a vested interest in redeeming her subconsciously expressed interest in mating. So Mom directs the innocent young boy to consider a "coupled" life style.

    If there is a male figure in the young boy's life, or young male peers, there will surely be comics, cartoons, stories, jokes, pranks, and interpersonal observations to build a sense of curiosity and mystique about the vagaries of sex, sexual contact - and much of it directed at male-female interactions.

    Heck, beer companies, movie makers, book publishers, women's magazines, the JC Penney catalog section on women's undergarments, car makers - all tend to express cultural values in terms of winning bed partners.

    So having heterosexual men interested in women - might even be an expression of evolution. There wouldn't be as many descendents of those that were not.