Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A good whippersnapper

Elizabeth Nolan Brown, though admitting I might be "marginally despicable" -- fine phrase, that -- nonetheless realizes that the Internet has helped inflate the egos of smart young fellows, who've never been chastised for their hubris, as all smart young men need to be chastised from time to time.

The gold-stars-for-everyone culture has produced too many of these young men who won't stand chastisement, which makes them peevish and unteachable. Well, if they won't learn in one school, they'll learn in another. This recession will take some slack out of the sails of these fellows who've known nothing but prosperity and success the entirety of their young lives. Nothing like poverty and failure to build character.


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  2. I re-read that comment.. I need to proof read these more betters. :)

    Gold is too rare.

    The new standard is the Taupe Circle.


  3. I know Brown, but I know McCain much better.

    Brown is incorrect. McCain isn't "marginally despicable" -- he's absolutely despicable.

  4. One of the themes of the Book of Proverbs is that one should pursue wisdom and value negative feedback from the wise.
    Sure, that runs contrary to the Hope and Change narrative, but the classics never achieved classic status by being wrong.