Sunday, February 1, 2009

'The RNC has been controlled since 1988 by cretinous b******s'

Thus saith Quin Hillyer, in answer to Jim Antle's remarks about the disconnect between the GOP and the conservative movement, remarks provoked by my own wee-hour musings on that subject.

Nothing like stirring up a bloody good row, just for the hilarious fun of it all. Speaking of which:
That Robert Stacy McCain is a tedious nothing will come as no surprise to those of us with a Web browser and the ability to read.
Freddie, you just earn a spot on my quote wall. If you're going to cut a man, eviscerate him. Style points!

UPDATE: Sorry it took so long to update, but I was (a) exchanging e-mail with mentors, colleagues and proteges; (b) cross-posting at AmSpecBlog, and meanwhile (c) honing my blade.

Our friend Mr. deBoer has dabbled a bit in the clever art of making "The Conservative Case for [INSERT LIBERAL CAUSE HERE]." Having previously noted Conor Friederdorf's "Conservative Case for Gay Marriage," we now behold Freddie deBoer's "Conservative Case for Global Warning Hysteria":

Faced with broad scientific consensus, a clear notion of individual responsibility, and clear and present threats to our health and our economy, environmentalism wasn't just for environmentalists anymore. Happily, the growing public consensus that climate change must be genuinely confronted has translated into bigger implications for environmentalism and public policy. Genuine reflection about the limits of our consumption and the impact of our behavior on the world around us -- profoundly conservative concerns -- is back on the national political table, in a way that has never been possible before.
The discerning mind comprehends at once what a universe of rhetorical opportunity awaits our rising generation of conservative intellectuals. If the "The Conservative Case for the Trillon-Dollar Stimulus" has not yet been published, it is only because David Kuo had to cease operations while that essay was still being drafted. But fertile minds are now busily inquiring after new venues for publication of:

  • "The Conservative Case for Card Check"
  • "The Conservative Case for Trans-Fat Bans"
  • "The Conservative Case for Abolition of the Electoral College"
  • "The Conservative Case for Labial Piercing, Face Tattooing and Other Extreme Body Modifications"
You get the drift. One supposes that these young geniuses, once they've finished writing "the conservative case" for everything on the contemporary scene, will then proceed to write critical histories such as "The Conservative Case for Pol Pot," "The Conservative Case for the Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand," "The Conservative Case for a Regicide Peace," and so forth.

Excuse my amusement. A protege e-mailed Saturday to mention that my name came up when she recently interviewed for a publishing job. If she should get the job, maybe her influence could help an old geezer get a small contract for a pamphlet urging what nowadays would be considered a most startling idea:

The Conservative Case for Conservatism.

UDPATE II: I stand accused of "shameless Palin-worship." But I'm never gonna pull 250K visits per month with "Daniel Larison bikini pics" . . .

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