Monday, February 2, 2009

Them vs. Us

No president has ever entered office with this much information. . . . This list is granular. And it is flexible and transferable to myriad media outlets — even those not yet invented. Begala believes it could potentially "revolutionize progressive politics."
The idea is a national operation, likely named Organizing for America, that will resemble Obama's grassroots operation in reach and love. It will be as finely tuned as the campaign behemoth and funded the same way — no money from third parties. If Obama has a policy initiative he wants to push, or a message he needs to disseminate, or a gaffe he wants to bat down, he will call David Plouffe and Plouffe will unleash the many-million-mouthed dog, just as he did all across America for these past two years.
If you believe in Obama and in the need for change and for a new, streamlined, hyperlinked Democratic party, then this is a watershed idea. It is a mechanism that could truly morph the power structure in Washington — waking up the unused, overslept public, as Plouffe successfully did on the campaign, and making an end run around lobbyists and interest groups.


Compare, contrast, discuss.


  1. I got the email from McCain and his Country First 'Grassroots' PAC.

    shouldn't that compare to, wait, what?

  2. They need a better name. How about "Stromtroopers of Love"? Or maybe "The Kandy-Kolored Electric-Kool-Aid Gestapo"?

  3. Sorry, what Robert, I was too busy gagging, do these people here themselves